Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Who Is Really Responsible?
By Judie Brown
People learn by example, and people are easily influenced. This is why Planned Parenthood has such an easy time spreading its distorted view of sexuality. To many, what PP espouses seems easier, is more gratifying, and goes along with the "me" attitude that many in our society have. This is all the more reason for those who understand this atrocity to spread the real truth-to stand up and say that these actions and attitudes are getting people killed. Literally. Today's commentary addresses this and explains how we all must take it upon ourselves to be an example of God's will for how we live our lives. 
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Family of healthy woman who died after
second trimester abortion deserves answers
Live Action News
Planned Parenthood has been completely tight-lipped about what happened, claiming they have declined to offer more information "out of respect for the patient's privacy." What is more important, I think, is that they explain to the family of this woman exactly what happened. According to the medical examiner's office, she died after having an abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic at 18 S. Michigan Ave. At the very least, a thorough investigation of the incident and of the clinic property should be executed.  

Manager converts, clinic closes!
40 Days for Life
There are many reasons to bring 40 Days for Life to your city this fall, from September 26 - November 4. You might see abortion workers have conversions and quit their jobs (which has already happened 69 times during 40 Days for Life campaigns). You might see a local Planned Parenthood office----or other abortion business----close down for good (which has happened 23 times thus far). Or, you might experience BOTH of these blessings!  

Woman arrested for taking teen
for secret out-of-state abortion
An Indiana woman has been arrested for taking a teenager out of state for a secret abortion without her parents' knowledge. Kacy L. Heath, 43, of Owensville, Indiana, has been charged with to the delinquency of a minor, a class C felony; and conspiracy to commit identity theft, a class D felony.