Friday, July 27, 2012

LifeSiteNews Updates - Friday Jul 27 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

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Today’s blog posts:

Mississippi meadows and the killing fields of New York - Dr. Gerard Nadal
New survey on teen sexual activity fails to present whole story - Michael New
A still very serious problem in the Catholic Church that needs to be dealt with - Steve Jalsevac
Beyond creepy: Obama uses daughters to push abortion - Jill Stanek

Billy Graham: If God smote Sodom, what does that mean for an America that aborts millions?

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jul 27 12:37 EST Abortion

“If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah,” Ruth Graham opined years ago.

Georgia Catholic bishops withhold support from non-binding Personhood ballot question

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jul 27 11:34 EST Abortion

One state pro-life leader says the bishops' decision is based on a misguided argument.

False Obama ad again paints Romney as a pro-life extremist

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 27 11:25 EST Abortion

Politifact rated the new spot's claims, “Pants on fire” on its Truth-o-Meter.

HHS birth control mandate goes into effect on August 1 for businesses

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 27 18:41 EST Contraception

“The Obama administration deliberately declared war on the Catholic Church,” one observer noted.

Catholic family business wins injunction against HHS birth control mandate

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 27 17:47 EST Contraception

Hercules defeats Sebelius in a Colorado courtroom.

Swedish high school student fails bio class for saying homosexuality ‘abnormal’

Angela O’Brien Fri Jul 27 16:33 EST Homosexuality

When the student questioned the grade, the teacher reportedly replied that it was because of the student’s opinions.

Sisters and daughters: facing the faces of porn

John Stonestreet Fri Jul 27 15:41 EST Opinion

Pornography is mainstream, and it’s distorting our view of women. But we can refocus.

Pliable’s slough: the wrong roads to sexual purity

John Stonestreet Fri Jul 27 15:18 EST Opinion

When it comes to talking with young people about sex, certain tactics should be avoided.

Man meets woman

Donald DeMarco, Ph.D. Fri Jul 27 14:49 EST Opinion

Of all gifts, the reciprocal gifts of self in marriage should be the most whole and the most unsullied.

Chinese officials: One-child policy has helped prevent 400 million births

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 27 12:43 EST Abortion

“Four hundred million lives lost like Jianmei's baby,” said ChinaAid Founder and President Bob Fu.

Zambia bans Marie Stopes for committing 490 illegal abortions this year

Ben Johnson Fri Jul 27 12:40 EST Abortion

The nation's clinics must stop all abortions, may continue other services.

Natural Family Planning builds a Culture of Life

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Fri Jul 27 11:35 EST Opinion

In our secular contraceptive culture, it is assumed that a married couple will, as a matter of course, avoid pregnancy.

Inevitably Controversial: Melinda Gates and contraception for the poor

Fr. Peter West Fri Jul 27 10:56 EST Opinion

It is not too late for Bill and Melinda Gates to use their vast wealth to help the poor in ways that are both uncontroversial and effective.

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