Friday, October 17, 2014

Heroic News: “Pivoting positions on homosexuality, or Christianity without Christ?” plus 7 more

"What we’re seeing in many corners of evangelicalism is a pliability that makes Christianity an obsequious servant to whatever the reigning zeitgeist is. With non-answers like this, it isn’t Jesus who is sitting at the right hand of the Father. Culture is."
The workforces of Facebook and Apple are 69 percent and 70 percent male, and the companies have been getting a lot of flack for those figures. In their latest bid to attract and retain more women, the tech giants have come up with a technical fix: offering female employees a $20,000 benefit toward elective egg freezing.
An Iowa woman received a pair of surprises last week after she went to the hospital with stomach pains: She was nearly nine months pregnant, and she was carrying twins.
When Austin Ruse was going to rename his Down syndrome fundraising team he had no doubt who to honor and why. It would be Brendan Kelly.
"Thanksgiving came – and oh what a Thanksgiving that was! And then Christmas came. The six months given to him when he was diagnosed came and passed. Tony once again felt strong, positive and happy. He was playing gigs with his band again, and he was going for hikes and soon enough short backpacking trips, and even going skiing. He fulfilled a dream of going to Italy, and got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Keck Observatory in Hawaii."
The University of Hawaii (UH) is giving gift cards to middle school students who participate in a controversial sex education program that was pulled by lawmakers earlier this year for teaching 11-year-olds about anal and homosexual sex.
When three feet of snow canceled South Dakota’s Crazy Horse half and full marathons last October, thousands of runners were disappointed – among them, a group from the National LIFE Runners Team.