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National Right to Life News This Week 10/25/2014

Best of NRL News Today for the week of October 20-25, 2014   

Hillary Clinton and the War on (Unborn) Women

Hillary Clinton brought the painfully obsolete "war on women" to Colorado as she ostensibly stumped for pro-abortion Sen. Mark Udall (D).   Pro-abortion political consultants are pulling their hair out! Their script has gone off the rails! You'll remember that with the 2012 elections, some pro-abortion candidates ran on a campaign theme that claimed their opponents were conducting what they called

Miraculous twins born to woman who didn't know she was pregnant

mono-mono-twins   By Nancy Flanders When Shelby Magnani went to a walk-in clinic with stomach pains, she was completed unprepared for the great news that was coming. Not only was she six months pregnant and didn't know it, but she was

Pro-abortion 'icon' Wendy Davis faces daunting odds as November 4 gubernatorial election approaches

Pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis and Pro-life Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott   By Dave Andrusko Imagine you are pro-abortion "icon," Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, famous far and wide for your pink tennis shoes and your marathon filibuster of a pro-life Texas bill (H.B. 2).

Pro-abortionists use junk science to attempt to disprove Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome

Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D.   By Dave Andrusko What is the three-legged stool on which abortionists and their apologists rest their case? That abortion is free of complications--emotional and physical; any research that demonstrates otherwise is, by definition, "junk science."

Cells transplanted from patient's own nose help paralyzed man walk

Darek Fidyka   By Dave Andrusko A 38-year-old Bulgarian man is believed to be the first person in the world to recover from a complete severing of the spinal nerves, thanks to a pioneering transplant treatment that took cells from his nose.

One couple's heartbreaking tale of miscarriage gives contrast to abortion

14wk500-500x372   By Sarah Terzo A pro-life woman whose unborn baby girl died in the womb shared her experience on her blog. The loss of her daughter, whom she and her husband named Olivia Amy,

Top 10 Ways Media Spin Abortion as 'Moral,' 'Social Good'

proabortionrights   By Katie Yoder A new book defines abortion as "right," "good" and "moral." It's what's "best for kids" and it's all about a woman's "unalienable right" to pursue happiness. When Katha Pollitt, an outspoken feminist and columnist

The Language of Abortion

uterinecontentsshower   By Dave Andrusko As they say, "if I had a dollar for"– in this case every time I've written to make fun of the verbal gymnastics that pro-abortionists routinely employ -- I'd be rich. But words on a page

Even PPFA acknowledges there are "schemes" that await women ordering abortifacients online

Dr. Tom Ross, who works for Planned Parenthood, demonstrates the agency's telemedicine system from an office near downtown Des Moines.  Tony Leys/The Register   By Dave Andrusko "Motherlode – Living the Family Dynamic" is the name for a column that appears in the New York Times edited by KJ Dell'Antonia. "Living the Family Dynamic" also includes ending the living of living unborn family

"Leftover" cells from babies provide significant health benefits for their mothers years, even decades, later

unborn_baby68   By Dave Andrusko Over the past few years, NRL News Today has run a series of stories on the absolutely amazing interplay between mother and unborn child. See, for example, and

Is Cincinnati's lone remaining abortion clinic about to be closed for failure to follow state law?

The Elizabeth Campbell Surgical Center   By Dave Andrusko The Cincinnati Enquirer today ran a panicky article suggesting that Cincinnati's lone abortion clinic may be on the road to being closed. Last week the Ohio Department of Health sent Planned Parenthood's surgical abortion facility

"Generation Y" and Why They Are Naturally Pro-Life

Classroom   By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Federation for Life "You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear

New $9 million Planned Parenthood Clinic in Queens Expects Big Abortion Business

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Joan Malin, chief executive, Planned Parenthood of New York City   By Randall K. O'Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Though abortions are significantly down in the U.S. as a whole, business is booming at Planned Parenthood. Even while abortions have dropped to totals and rates not seen

Don't rob them of hope, Brittany

BrittanyMaynardPeoplecover   By Denis Strangman Editor's note. The following appears at Brittany Maynard is a 29-year-old woman who learned not long after her wedding that she had an aggressive brain tumour.

Mother dares anyone to criticize her for wishing she had aborted her son who has Down syndrome; "if I could go back in time, I would abort him in an instant"

Gillian Reif with her son, Stephen   By Dave Andrusko So the mother says she wished she'd have aborted her son, who has Down syndrome, whom she has cared for for 47 years. She tells her story to the British publication, The Daily Mail

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