Friday, October 10, 2014

Heroic News: “Suicide is not dignified” plus 10 more


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"This woman is dying. She quite possibly is suffering from mental illness from the effects of her disease on top of it all. And we're racking up likes and shares all over social media, gushing about bravery and compassion and strength. Is this the same culture that mourned the death of Robin Williams en masse just last month? Was his suicide not heralded as brave because his illness was depression and not cancer?"
"When Sarah had her first surgery – a major neuro- and craniofacial surgery (cranial vault reconstruction) at the age of six months – it was yet another pivotal moment in my personal journey of reconciling what appears to be unnecessary pain and agony…of a child."
"Every day, I took the same route to my house from the Planned Parenthood facility I managed. The marshals that came to provide “safety training” for us once a year recommended we change up our route home. They came to warn us about how dangerous the pro-lifers were outside our facility. Ha."
Few issues divide more sharply than abortion. Longstanding friendships and family relationships can rupture over the pro-choice/pro-life debate. But on the International Day of the Girl Child, we should agree to bury the hatchet on two issues: the ending of gendercide through sex-selective abortion, abandonment, deadly neglect, and murder of females because of their sex; and the ending of forced abortion, which is not a choice.
The Pennsylvania couple that carried out a heartbreaking bucket list for an unborn baby with a terminal condition announced the birth of the boy today, and his death a few hours later.
"My name is Ella. I’m 10 years old and in a wheelchair. If you found out that the baby you’re expecting has spina bifida or won’t be able to walk for other reasons, you’re probably scared. I know I was scared when I stopped being able to walk because I didn’t think I could have a good life. All I could think about were all of the things I could never get to do. That’s just because I had never seen the life of anyone like me."
Following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s stay on a “gay marriage” court decision in Idaho, marriage advocates are imploring the Supreme Court to reject the judicial redefinition of marriage.
A team of Harvard scientists said Thursday that they had finally found a way to turn human embryonic stem cells into cells that produce insulin. The long-sought advance could eventually lead to new ways to help millions of people with diabetes.
If you spend any time on Facebook then you’ve probably seen Brittany Maynard’s face pop up on your newsfeed over the last few days. And your Facebook friends sharing links to stories about her have probably included supportive and adoring captions like the one I just saw a couple of minutes ago: “Wow. What an inspiring story! Brittany, you are so brave!!”
An extraordinary thing happened when Gwendolyn Strong went to school. She made perfectly ordinary friends. Gwendolyn was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a fatal, degenerative disease that affects all voluntary muscles. Her parents worried that a simple infection picked up at school could kill her. And they worried that no one would want to be friends with the little girl in the wheelchair.
China's one child policy announced in 1979 is state sponsored violence against women and children—including and especially the girl child—and constitutes massive crimes against humanity.