Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 2014 Issue of National Right to Life News

National Right to Life News
October 2014 Issue
The print version of National Right to Life News is back as a monthly PDF publication. You will hear from us every time the NRL News is published with some of the top stories linking back to the original PDF file.

NJ Board of Medical Examiners permanently revokes notorious abortionist's medical license
The board cited Brigham for a bistate abortion practice where he would induce "fetal demise" in New Jersey but deliver the dead baby in Maryland. Read More

Fewer than 17 days until Election Day
By the time most of our NRL News readers begin to devour the October digital edition, there will be only 17 days—408 hours—until the mid-term elections. Read More

Make our Founding Fathers Proud
Are you ready?? Are you as excited as I am to learn the results of the elections just around the corner?? Will Harry Reid be able to maintain his grip on a pro-abortion majority in the Senate, or will pro-lifers control both the House and the Senate?? Read More

Couple celebrates brief life of baby born with anencephaly
Okay, before you read this, please make sure you have a box of Kleenex nearby. The story of Jenna Gassew and Dan Healy and their son Shane Michael will make you cry but it will also make you marvel that a couple this young could be so wise beyond their years. Read More

Obama approval numbers continue to tumble
Obama approval numbers continue to tumble in new Washington Post-ABC News poll, political landscape "tilts" toward GOP Read More

Mother refuses to abort, "miracle baby" doing fine
Nope, no way. The news was bad about their unborn baby—there was no amniotic fluid around her—but Leanne and Chris Duffield were having none of the doctors' recommendations that they "terminate" their unborn daughter, Willow. Read More

Compassion & Choices uses tragedy to promote its assisted suicide agenda
Like most people, I suspect, I have a multitude of reactions to news that a 29-year-old woman is teaming up with Compassion & Choices to use her own assisted suicide to help convince the state of California to open the door currently closed to assisted suicide. Read More

Woman sees ultrasound, realizes she's pregnant with "a little person"
"I was on this incredible high, like I saw the head and the little shoulders and then I came home and I suddenly
crashed because I thought, there was this little person, I mean, it looked like a little person." Read More

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