Sunday, January 19, 2014

BREAKING: Federal Court Rules for and against EMC! HELP!

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Federal Court Decision
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Christopher Slattery
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Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers
Federal Appeals Court Rules for and against Expectant Mother Care's
Speech Rights in Suit with New York City
EMC Must Expand Medical Services to Survive
New York, NY 1/19/14 

Statue of Liberty Dear Deacon John, 

The moment of truth has arrived and it's good and bad for life-saving in America's Abortion Capital, New York City.

There was a big decision in our Federal Court case against New York City, on Friday morning. 

It is good that the 2nd Circuit Federal Appeals Court decision Friday in Expectant Mother Care vs. NYC upholds a District Court prohibition of a section of NYC's Local Law #17, passed in March 2011 by Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. This section that allowed for government imposed written disclaimers in EMC's advertising, signage and in personal phone and face to face communication about what kind of a description we give about ourselves. The effort to force us to describe our ourselves in obnoxious and offensive government speech is completely crippled in this section.

However, there is still dangerous leeway the Court of Appeals granted NYC by legalizing forced speech about "medical supervision" of our counseling and ultrasound techs, that will certainly lead to abusive prosecutions of us by believe it or not, the Mayor's own Department of Consumer Affairs!

These open-season government speech restrictions can and will likely be used against us as a mighty weapon, by Consumers Affairs, (NOT the Department of Health!) completely under the total control of militant, pro-abort, Mayor de Blasio.

The Mayor will be given unbridled discretion to impose fines of up $2,500 against EMC, and this unjust provision in the law even gives the NYC Police Department the power to shut down our sites and arrest me, if we fail to comply with NYC Consumer Affairs fines and censorship, with what is likely to be contorted and bizarre disclosures, which have yet to be written.

Because the Federal Court of Appeals has yet to issue what is called a Mandate, to the District Court Judge William Pauley, NYC still has time to decide whether they will appeal their partial defeat to the full 2nd Circuit, or the US Supreme Court. 

The ACLJ, and American Catholic Lawyers Association, which represents EMC, and I have to decide how we will appeal the issues we lost on including a section about an unreasonable confidentiality mandate upheld in this decision.

As EMC is the only NYC pregnancy center that has ever worked inside clinics and hospitals, and the only center that has worked with on-site doctors providing on-site ultrasounds (since 1986), and even pre-natal care, we will have a particularly complicated, difficult and expensive time ahead.

With your help in this, we can make sure our various and far flung medical arrangements, with doctors, nurses, clinics, and hospitals are fully set up to avoid or minimize, confusing, and obscene fine-provoking, mandatory disclosures to be written and imposed by the Mayor's offices.
He will make sure that language that will be required of us maximizes the potential turn off of pregnant women and keep us constantly in a state of fear and intimidation of City bureaucrats. Of course, abortion centers will not be similarly subject to these restrictions.

Can you please make a maximum gift by credit card, PayPal or ECheck now by clicking right here to help me pay to set up new arrangements with new doctors, nurses and clinics, and ultrasound techs in NYC to fully protect EMC from NYC and NY State?


I am under the gun, once again, and every day we must watch our backs as we serve typically 20 plus women in our NYC offices, mostly considering abortion, with life-affirmiing counseling and ultrasounds.
Be aware that the NY State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman is still aggressively seeking a subpoena against EMC, which has been temporarily stayed by a NY State Court of Appeals, just last week.
Schneiderman has been trying since last Spring, a different tact to try to cripple us, with bogus charges of practicing medicine without a license for the ways we provide free ultrasound services.

Thanks again for your generous support right here now and for your critically needed prayers already being offered, and in the future.

I am hoping you will make a gift of at least $44, the number of years of legal child killing in NY or more, even $500 or $1000, to really help me beat Mayor de Blasio and Eric Schneiderman.

In a few minutes I start a long car drive from NYC to Washington DC to meet potential supporters to re-start my efforts for new life saving centers in DC and in suburbs, and to join the March for Life which I have been making since 1980. 

Please pray for me and for the hundreds of thousands that will be there to Stand for the children, and for their freedom, and for their parents, too on Wednesday, January 22nd the Anniversary of that sad day in 1973 of the anti-life Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions.

Yours for Life on the FrontLines,

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Christopher Slattery, Founder and National Director of Expectant Mother Care, 
EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers
P.O. Box 134, Bronx, NY 10470