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Topics for January 27, 2013

Marlise Muñoz , pregnant brain-dead woman, removed from life support, baby dies

By Dave Andrusko I was on my way Saturday to the quarterly meeting of the National Right to Life Board of Directors when I stopped to check my Droid for the latest news about Marlise Muñoz

NRLC's "The State of Abortion in the United States": Part Three of Three

By Dave Andrusko Today we complete the third of our three-part series on a resource that is invaluable to all pro-lifers: National Right to Life's "The State of Abortion in the United States." 

Welden to be sentenced today for tricking girlfriend into aborting unborn child

John Andrew Welden
  By Dave Andrusko After one false start, the man convicted of tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking a drug that caused her to abort her baby, will be sentenced today. 

President Obama and the State of the Union Address: Part One of Two

  By Dave Andrusko Even five+ years into his presidency, much of the coverage of Barack Obama still holds tenaciously to the point of view that all would be well if it weren't for those recalcitrant Republicans. 

President Obama and the State of the Union Address: Part Two of Two

 By Dave Andrusko When I first posted "President Obama and the State of the Union Address: Part One of Two" earlier today, somehow I had missed a weekend story about the Washington Post-ABC News poll of 1,003 adults 

Supreme Court extends injunction barring HHS from enforcing mandate against Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor 
Photo Credit: Catholic News Agency
  By Dave Andrusko Last Friday, the Supreme Court extended a temporary injunction barring the Obama administration from enforcing a controversial HHS mandate against the Little Sisters of the Poor and more than 400 other organizations that use the same

Start the New Year off right by making a donation to Autos for Life

2002 Lincoln Navigator
 By David N. O'Steen, JR Editor's note. This first appeared in the January issue of National Right to Life News. You can read the entire issue online. Please be sure to pass the January issue along

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In a world of vanishing print newspapers it only made sense to switch from printing National Right to Life News to making the "pro-life newspaper of record" available electronically online. 

Assisted Suicide Word Engineering Propaganda

Derek Humphry
  By Wesley J. Smith Was it Eldridge Cleaver who said that he who controls the definitions, wins the debate? I seem to recall reading that in Soul on Ice. Cleaver or no, the assisted suicide advocacy group Hemlock Society

Israel assisted suicide bill will not pass

Minister Uri Orbach
  By Alex Schadenberg, executive director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition News reports coming out of Israel are stating that an assisted suicide bill will not pass. A story appearing at reports Minister Uri Orbach says he will oppose the legislation

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By Dave Andrusko There are an awful lot of people who see National Right to Life News Today stories because Google News includes most of them when it aggregates and groups similar stories together. 
  Photo: Our tax dollars should nurture life, not fund its destruction. 

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