Sunday, January 19, 2014


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In 1963 when Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream with the nation, he never envisioned an America where "reproductive justice" would end 56 million innocent human lives. His dream never pictured a nation where black boys and black girls would never be able to join hands with white boys and white girls, as sisters and brothers, because "freedom of choice" determined some humans are simply not equal. His dream never imagined that in the state where millions have been welcomed into a harbor that serves as a shining beacon of Liberty, millions would be violently deprived of their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In NYC, home of Planned Parenthood, more black babies aborted than are born alive. The social injustice of abortion harms all of us, no matter the race or ethnicity. The Radiance Foundation is committed to ending this destruction and saving the beautiful possibility that every human life possesses.