Monday, January 20, 2014

Heroic News: “Helping the pregnant homeless” plus 8 more


August 17, 2013 (Unmasking Choice) - In 1989, Martha Ryan was volunteering at a homeless shelter in San Francisco. Trained as a nurse practitioner, Martha had worked with impoverished people overseas in refugee camps and planned to continue her work there in the future. That is, until she met three homeless pregnant women in just one night at the shelter, none of whom were receiving prenatal care.
It’s been over 20 years since the abortion, but Jeff Bradford still can’t talk about it without weeping.
Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is facing calls to resign following his comments saying pro-life people have no business living in the state.
When the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Roe vs. Wade, legalizing abortion, Valeria Jacobs was unable to register her protest because she was confined to a hospital as she struggled to defea
If you want to understand the March for Life, if you want to understand the pro-life movement in general, it starts with hope. That’s the key. That’s the real difference between those who oppose abortion and those who support it. The first is an act of hope. The second is an act of despair.
Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator whose filibuster for abortion rights made her a Democratic superstar and launched her campaign for governor, has admitted to the Dallas Morning News that she lied about key events in her life, including her first divorce.
When people hear that I have six kids, the reaction is usually entertaining. Sure, there are some days when I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into, worry about the world they’ll inherit, and/or consider the environmental footprint of a family like mine.
Children are living in an “unprecedented toxic climate” in which they skip meals to stay thin, are bombarded by pornographic images and fear they will be failures amid a “continuous onslaught of stress at school”, according to research published today.
Family Research Council released a report this week that gave valuable insight to those who want to understand the women in our culture who are most vulnerable to abortion industry pressures and what risk factors affect them.