Friday, January 24, 2014

MUST-SEE: Lila Rose vs. NARAL on CNN's Crossfire

Dear Friend,

We weren't kidding when we said 2014 will be a big year for the pro-life movement.  We're not even through January, and Live Action is already making the media focus on the most pressing human rights abuse of our day.

On Wednesday, Lila Rose, our president, debated the head of NARAL on CNN's Crossfire.  In a media climate that rarely allows more than a sound bite on the human life issue, this week's dynamite half-hour debate gave Americans the chance to really analyze the stakes when millions of pre-born children are legally killed in our country.  The media on both sides have caught fire over Lila's powerful statements defending all people – no matter their size, their race, or the circumstances surrounding their conception.

In addition to independently reporting our own stories on Live Action News and our major social media platforms, Live Action has made numerous television and radio appearances this past week, including TheBlazeTV, The Lars Larson Show, CBN, and EWTN Nightly News.  The Washington Post, an opinion leader both on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation, profiled Lila and the pro-life message for millions to see in their prominent Style Section. USA Today ran an oped co-authored by Lila calling strongly on the Republican Party to stick to its civil rights-supporting roots and stand unapologetically for our weakest brothers and sisters in the womb.  Check out these articles and others by clicking here.

Abortion is the greatest human rights abuse of our day.  We will see it end only if we are willing to act.  We at Live Action will keep bringing the truth into the mainstream newsrooms.  Don't stop taking the truth to everyone around you.  Every word in pursuit of what's right makes a difference!

Yours in the fight for life,

The Live Action Team