Friday, January 31, 2014

Man who slipped girlfriend abortion drug receives maximum sentence

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A Florida man who became infamous for slipping his girlfriend an abortion-inducing drug was sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison on Monday, a move that required a fair amount of legal gymnastics and is spurring renewed efforts in Florida to pass legislation which will make it easier to punish the intentional harming of an unborn fetus. Read more...

Smashing the spectrum of pre-born personhood denial

Having dissected both the facts and the reasoning behind pro-abortion writer Bob Seidensticker’s characterization of the pro-life movement as dominated by insensitive males, I’d like to take one last post to examine his central theory of pre-born life, the “spectrum argument.” Read more...
Sarah Silverman's Jesus doesn't understand biology By now you’ve probably heard that Sarah Silverman released an offensive video about being visited by “Jesus F***ing Christ.” Silverman is in a category that is hard to exactly call atheist, because if she really didn’t believe in God, she probably wouldn’t have such a problem with him. Anyway, in her video, she asks Jesus, “When does life begin?” His answer was totally Silverman-esque, but failed to take into account actual basic biology. Read more...
A father's promise leads to a remarkable life of love, sacrifice For 31 years, Mikey Cortez lived in a coma-like state. At age seven, he was the victim of a drunk driver who stole the lives of his older brother and three other relatives. After doctors told his father Paul that his son might not live, he fell to his knees, took Mikey’s hand, and prayed. Read more...
Salon writer believes abortion is a human sacrifice and she's okay with that
What do we say, then, of mothers like Mary Elizabeth Williams, who believe that fetuses are living human beings, that the fetuses they have carried or will carry are their living babies, but in the same breath announce that those children’s lives are not as valuable as their own? Are they brave? Are they selfless? Do they know the true meaning of motherhood? Read more...

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