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National Right to Life News This Week 10/4/14

Best of NRL News Today for the week of September 29-October 4, 2014   

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Yourvotecounts   By Elizabeth Spillman, National Right to Life Political Assistant Editor's note. This excellent article appears in the September digital edition of National Right to Life News. The entire 38-page edition can be read at

The Hyde Amendment at 38

Pro-life champion, the late Rep. Henry Hyde   By Dave Andrusko The Hyde Amendment sticks in the craw of abortion absolutists as much as any pro-life law ever enacted. And today marks the 38th anniversary of passage of the law (the "Hyde" is the late pro-life champion,

Appeals Court Panel allows Texas to immediately enforce provisions of pro-life H.B.2

Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod   By Dave Andrusko A three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed the opinion of a lower court judge, thus allowing the state of Texas to enforce key provisions of its 2013 omnibus pro-life bill,

In California access to top docs and hospitals dwindles under Obamacare

Obamacarehdl100314   By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics Californians with health insurance obtained through the Obamacare exchange are continuing to find themselves being turned away when they seek out many top health care specialists and hospitals, according

400 copies of College newspaper with CPC ad vandalized

pregnancyad4b   By Dave Andrusko It is a free country so a Drake University professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies was welcome to hammer the student newspaper (the Times-Delphic) for the audacity of running an ad from AGAPE Pregnancy

Claim: Jahi "Interactive" and "Responsive"

Jahi McMath and mom   By Wesley J. Smith I have read the petition filed on behalf of Jahi McMath's mother to reopen the case and declare her daughter alive. Here is the gist: Petitioner [Jahi's mother] is in possession of current evidence, including

Advised to abort, mother and father celebrate son's second birthday

Wilsons3   By Dave Andrusko When Robyn Wilson went to Bassetlaw Royal Hospital in March 2012 for her 12-week scan, she and her husband Adam were bombarded with news about their unborn baby. According to the Daily Mail's Lizzie Parry "they

Pro-abortion lawsuits challenge two Oklahoma laws

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin   By Dave Andrusko Given that Oklahoma is one of the most pro-life states in the country, it shouldn't surprise anyone that pro-abortionists continue to file lawsuits against laws overwhelmingly passed by both houses of the legislature.

Abortion in Elections: It's not about us – it's about the 3,000 babies who will die by abortion today

Votefuturere   By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director Editor's note. The column appears in the September digital edition of National Right to Life News. The entire 38-page edition can be read at

The devastating impact of sex-selective abortions on Indian culture

Indianbabygirl   By Dave Andrusko Editor's note. This appeared in the September digital edition of National Right to Life News. The entire 38-page edition can be read at Over the years we've run dozens and dozens of stories about the

Divided opinion over whether Justice Ginsburg should recuse herself from a challenge to Texas pro-life law

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg   By Dave Andrusko As pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to hand out interviews like Halloween candy, it is/was/always will be utterly predictable that Ginsburg will be lauded for her (fill in the blank--there are lots of

Debunking the debunkers: sex-selective abortions do happen in the United States

  By Dave Andrusko Two weeks ago NRL News Today posted a story derived from a fine column written by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders that thoroughly debunked the nonsense behind a proposal by Supervisor David Chiu to make

Understanding that abortion involves more than a mother and the unborn child

Menandabortion   Editor's note. On September 19, I posted the story, "Men and abortion: 'Fighting in vain to save the life I helped create'"  The computer techies at NRLC tell me it was read a lot. Good, because the topic was

Pro-abortionists hate it when women make the "wrong" choice--for Life!

OHabortionratedrop   By Dave Andrusko Pro-lifers aren't accustomed to having editorials look at the facts rather than mindlessly accept pro-abortion spin as if it were gospel. So anyone of us who read "Abortion Down Due to Choice,"

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