Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vandals Use Nazi Swastikas to Cover Pro-Life Chalk Messages

October 7, 2014
November Event-in-a-Box: Adoption, the Loving Option
There may be times when a mother facing an unplanned pregnancy may feel completely unequipped to parent her child. She may feel her only option is abortion. Pro-life individuals touch lives by helping women place their baby or child for adoption. It is important to show women in your community that adoption can be the answer to all of her fears.
Most women who place their child for adoption faced an unplanned pregnancy and may have considered aborting their pre-born children. Pro-lifers should rejoice with a person who has been adopted…that person’s very life may have been saved because of adoption!
Today, 46% of abortions are performed on college aged women, which means that women on campuses across the country are facing unplanned pregnancies and need to hear the message of adoption.
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Vandals Use Nazi Swastikas to Cover Pro-Life Chalk Messages at Eastern Michigan University
Following National Pro-Life Chalk Day last week, where pro-life student groups drew positive messages with chalk at their colleges, universities and high schools across the country, students at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI found today that vandals that covered their drawings with the Nazi swastika symbol and threw water on the swastika chalkings as well.
The pro-life student group wrote slogans like “Life is precious, let’s protect it” and “Love them both” and “Women regret abortion.”
“Eastern Michigan Students for Life has two main goals on campus: inform the student body about abortion and help women in crisis pregnancies. To achieve both of these goals, we have loving, meaningful, and civil conversations on campus with our peers,” explained Rueben Ainley, Vice President of Eastern Michigan University Students for Life. “We also have many events planned throughout the year to educate the student body about abortion. The vandalism that took place on our sidewalk chalking display shows that some people who disagree with us do not want to have dialogue about abortion but instead show their point of view through vandalism and hatred.”
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I Vote Pro-Life First!
The 2014 elections are fast approaching and this is once again a critical time for pro-lifers. With vital, life-saving legislation being proposed in the Senate, such as the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” and potential confirmation hearings of justices at all levels of the federal courts who will rule on common-sense health and safety regulations for votegraphicabortion facilities, we need to do our part to usher in a pro-life Senate majority this fall. And in the past 3 years, more pro-life legislation has been passed at the state level than ever before. If we want to see this trend continue, we must elect more pro-lifers to state houses across the country.
This fall, you will have a direct impact on changing the policies that govern our nation. That is why we launched “I Vote Pro-Life First” in 2012 and continue our work in 2014. As our culture becomes increasingly more pro-life, we have to show our elected representatives that the people of America are pro-life and we won’t support those who stand in the way of Life. Every vote matters!
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