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This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day when we honor our mothers for their unconditional love and their gift of life. Below, read the story of Maureen and Martha from Zambia – a story of sadness, encouragement, gratitude and devotion.
Dear John,
My name is Maureen and I live in Zambia.
Everyday I see my daughter in the face of my granddaughter, Martha.
She has a very sad story.  Her mom died in childbirth, leaving three children behind. The children’s father deserted them and I am all they have left. And so at 50, I am a mom again.
My own husband has been sick for years and I’ve worked very hard to take care of my family. But now to start again, I just don’t know what I’ll do or how I’ll do it. My oldest son is trying to help, but we often don’t have enough food to eat.
The health workers at the clinic have been a blessing from God. When we got to the clinic they knew right away that Martha was not well and gave her formula. They are doing what they can to help me be a better mother to Martha.
Please know that your kindness makes a big difference in our lives.
Zikomo. That means thank you in my country.
In gratitude and grace,
This Mother’s Day, honor your mom by helping women and children, like Maureen and Martha, with a gift of love and health
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