Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From HLI: Can you join us next Monday at the UN?

The UN headquarters in New York
The UN headquarters in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human Life International is pleased to join "Friends of the Family", a UN-focused NGO that will bring together many of the strongest defenders of the natural family in a forum where the family is under attack.

Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, is enthusiastic about the new coalition.

"When you see the disconnect between the real desires of our brothers and sisters in the developing world and the desires that wealthy elites have for developing world, you have to speak up," said Father Boquet. "People in poor nations want to enjoy the natural goods of life and family without oppression. They want opportunity and resent being unjustly excluded from markets and denied access to the means to improve their own situations, which as co-creators with God they have the right and ability to do. Yet there is so much pressure from wealthy nations at the United Nations and through other government agencies and NGOs for poor countries to adopt destructive policies in order to stay in the good graces of the powerful. This pattern must be broken, and inviting representatives of these nations to the negotiating table to make the case for family is a much-needed effort that we are pleased to support."

HLI invites all interested stakeholders to a special high-level event at the UN ECOSOC Chamber in New York City on May 16th, the International Day of Families. The Friends of the Family-hosted event will feature excellent speakers who will argue for the irreplaceable role of the family as society's most important institution.

"The social science data all confirm that the natural family provides the best possible setting for children and parents to flourish and be happy," said Father Boquet. "That this common-sense and evidence-based argument is controversial is itself evidence that we need to continue in education and advocacy for the family."

To all our friends in New York and the Northeastern US: make plans right now to joint Father Boquet in a very special event - the first of its kind in the history of the UN! This high-level event is open to all defenders of family of any background who want to learn how to better empower families.

But you need to sign up now! RSVP by Wednesday, May 11 to UNFamilyEvent@c-fam.org. Those who sign up will receive more information about how to attend.

In addition to Father Boquet, you will hear:

Imam Shamsi Ali
Pas. Jim Garlow
Bishop John O'Hara
Helen Alvare
Sherif Girgis
David Crawford
Susan Yoshihara             
WHAT:  High-Level Event on the Family: Uniting Nations for a Family Friendly World
WHEN:  May 16, 2016, 10a.m-1p.m. Passes required to attend.
WHERE:   ECOSOC Chamber, UN Headquarters, New York
RSVP by May 11 at UNFamilyevent@c-fam.org

We hope to see you there!



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