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Video: Bill Clinton Repeatedly Claims Embryos Not  "Fertilized"

North Dakota abortion ban could have national implications

Some states push back against stem cell research

Biotech: What to Expect - First Things

Boston Catholic Hospital Stonewalls On Abortion
"It staggers the imagination that anyone can seriously believe the assertions by the Archdiocese of Boston about Caritas and abortion. The only solution is for Caritas to withdraw from the contract."

Should I Have Mentioned That Bush Dared to Call Human Embryos "Human Life?" - Wesley Smith

Taking the Next Bite of the Apple: New York Times Proves That Voracious Research Ambition Not Limited to "Leftover" Embryos


Voters' Obama Folly Coming Home to Roost
The team that was given greater inside access than ever in history by a more-than-gracious out-going President, is about to go down as the most incompetent bunch of nincompoops ever produced by a university system.

Santorum Alarmed by Obama 'Zealot' Nominees

People of conscience on both sides of the abortion issue and should remind senators of the need to consider whether President Barack Obama's political nominees - most especially Department of Justice nominee Dawn Johnsen - will uphold the minimal legal protections for human life.

The Great Obama Straddle: Oxymoronic Stem Cell Speech - Wesley Smith

Obama is no champion of science Father Raymond J. de Souza, National Post

Not all barriers to stem cell science are bad, Mr President.  And the biggest ones, like greed, one-upmanship, exploitation and hype, cannot be removed by executive order.

Removing Ethical Restraint - Obama's stem-cell ruling leaves us less protected against the tyranny of science By Rick Santorum

The White House Misfires on Limbaugh

What Happened to the Values Voter? Believers and the 2008 Election

Rendell: Steele's 'days are numbered' - "I don't know if they want a chairman who is basically pro-choice

The Susan B. Anthony List announced Thursday that former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colo.) will head an initiative aimed at ousting members whose abortion voting records are thought to be "out of sync" with their districts.


Married priests a possibility says Cardinal Egan

U.N. resolution circulated today by Islamic states would define any questioning of Islamic dogma as a human rights violation and encourage the forced imposition of Sharia law{AF491436-ED3D-46F5-8CC4-E14577482787}&notoc=1

Rev. Reese and the Fallacy of the Mean

Fifteen Tips for Better Preaching by David Mills

Bishops Challenging the Status Quo by Judie Brown


Judge orders homeschoolers into public district classrooms - Decides children need more 'focus' despite testing above grade levels

The inimitable dance routines of Fred Astaire brought joy to the world in the midst of the Great Depression.

Canada's Federal Conservatives want incumbent MPs protected from nomination challenges, just like the other, left of centre parties

The crumbling case for green - the green movement is collapsing in Europe and becoming increasingly unpopular, as its enormous costs and minimal results are becoming apparent.


Elderly Artists will stage a protest in Glasgow this week to demand that no child should be put into care if they can live with their grandparents. The group's "war cry" is the recent case of an Edinburgh child sent to live with a gay couple

Chilling annual report from Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Youth - this group is made up of some very bizarre and obviously disturbed adults, including men wearing dresses and at least one woman with a beards and sideburns.

Another Round in the Lisa Miller Battle

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