Friday, March 27, 2009

Randall Terry Press Conference at Notre Dame to Discuss Derailing Obama Speech

Official seal of City of South Bend, Indiana

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SOUTH BEND, Ind., Mar. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Saturday, March 28, Operation Rescue Founder Randall Terry will hold a press conference at the gate of Notre Dame, discussing plans to derail President Obama's scheduled speech at Notre Dame.

N Notre Dame Ave & E Angela Blvd, St Joseph, Indiana 46556

12:00 Noon

Mr. Terry is opening an office in South Bend to lead ongoing protests aimed at cancelling President Obama's speech.

Mr Terry States:

"The faithful Catholic world is justly enraged at the treachery of Notre Dame's leadership. But anger, hand wringing, and on-line petitions are not enough. My mission is to funnel that energy into concrete actions on the ground in South Bend. Social activism requires shock troops; we intend to provide those shock troops with leadership.

"Notre Dame will rue the day they invited this Agent of Death to speak."

See overview of plans at

Mr. Terry filmed a 5 minute recruitment video in front of the White House; the video is posted at

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