Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Stanek WND column, "State Sen. Obama sponsored 'clone and kill' bill"

March 18, 2009


In an otherwise good piece condemning President Obama for his executive order authorizing taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research last week, columnist Charles Krauthammer got one thing wrong:

Obama's address was morally unserious in the extreme. ... Yet ... he went on to declare that he would never open the door to the "use of cloning for human reproduction."

Does he not think that a cloned human would be of extraordinary scientific interest? And yet he banned it.

On the contrary, Obama did not....

Had Obama meant he blanketly opposed cloning, he would have said he opposed cloning, period. But he added that tag, "for human reproduction."...

I know Obama was parsing. While he says he opposes birthing human clones, Obama supports growing human clones to kill for research.

I know because I was in Springfield lobbying for the opposition in 2003 when Obama as IL state senator sponsored the Stem Cell Research Act along with five other hard-left liberals, and it included authorization to experimentally clone and kill....

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