Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Choose Life License Plates' Featured on EWTN on 6/19 at 5 PM

EASTCHESTER, N.Y., June 18/Christian Newswire/ -- If you missed EWTN's "Sunday Night Live with Fr. Benedict Groeschel" last week on Sunday, June 13th it's not too late to watch an "encore" of Father Benedict's wonderful weekly program this Saturday, June 19th at 5 pm featuring the national "Choose Life License Plate" effort in all 50 states. 

Dr. Elizabeth Rex of The Children First Foundation was asked by Father Benedict to speak about the history and the amazing progress of the national "Choose Life License Plate" effort and then asked her to speak about her efforts to get the "Choose Life" license plate approved and on the road in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Russ Amerling, the National Publicity Coordinator for Choose Life, Inc. based in Florida was able to call into Father Benedict's program for a portion of the interview as well. 

Father Benedict encouraged everyone to "get going" and get a "Choose Life" plate or frame on every car or truck in all 50 states. Since the year 2000, 25 states have successfully approved "Choose Life" license plates raising an astonishing $12 million for crisis pregnancy centers and maternity homes that help women "choose life" and consider adoption as a loving alternative for an unwanted pregnancy. The tags are also effective "traveling billboards" that promote life and support adoption 24/7/365. 

During the interview, Dr. Rex also officially announced the launch of two national online petitions which can be signed online by going to her organization's web site at

1) The National Petition for the Approval of the New Jersey "Choose Life" License Plate; and 

2) The National Petition for the Approval of the New York "Choose Life" License Plate. 

Please ask your family and friends to watch EWTN on Saturday, June 19th at 5 pm. They can also visit and click on "Other States" to find out how they can purchase a "Choose Life" tag or frame in their state. Purchasing a "Choose Life" tag or frame is something simple and effective that everyone can do to help save babies' lives. It's time to "Mobilize!" It's time to "Choose Life" in America!

p.s. from Deacon John: I have the Florida "Choose Life" tag as we call licence plates here. We only get one tag for the rear of the car. Some Pro-Lifer's buy a fake "Choose Life" plate and put it on the front of the car. But that seems to defeat the purpose of renewing and paying each year which gives a certain percentage of the fee to the local Pro-Life Group who sponsors the tags. The answer is, buy the plate for the front of your car but also renew the one on the back each year. Every penny counts towards saving the unborn from being slaughtered!