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Pro-Abortion Barack Obama Hits new Low in Rasmussen Tracking Poll
Report Shows Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Got $650 Million in Tax Funds
FDA to Hear From Women's Group Urging Opposition to Abortion Drug Ella
Pro-Life Groups Step Up Opposition to Disclose Act Limiting Free Speech
Governor Tim Pawlenty Starts PACs in Iowa, New Hampshire, Builds for 2012
National Right to Life Convention Heads to Pittsburgh Next Week
Louisiana House Unanimously Sends Pro-Life Ultrasound Bill to Governor Jindal
Presumed Consent: Waiting Lists Pressure Organ Donation Before Patients Die
Iowa Governor Chet Culver Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Kansas Pro-Life Group: Supreme Court Delaying Planned Parenthood Charges
Wisconsin Pro-Life Group Concerned Telemed Abortions Coming There

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Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama Hits new Low in Rasmussen Tracking Poll
Washington, DC ( -- Just when political observers think it can't get any worse for pro-abortion President Barack Obama, a new Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll shows him hitting a new low. As the important November congressional elections approach, Obama continues to drop in popularity.

Overall, 42% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of Obama's performance in office, the new Rasmussen Reports survey shows. Those are the lowest ratings yet recorded for Obama as 57 percent of likely voters now disapprove.

"The president s approval rating has held steady in the 46% - 47% range for six months and it remains to be seen whether this new low is merely statistical noise or the start of a lasting change," pollster Scott Rasmussen said.

Looking at the most passionate voters either way, some 24 percent of Americans strongly approve of the job Obama has done while a larger 44 percent strongly disapprove.

That gives Obama a -15 percent overall rating and a -20 rating from Americans who are most passionate about his presidency.

Just 48% of Democrats strongly approve of Obama's job performance while 75% of Republicans strongly disapprove. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 12% Strongly Approve and 52% Strongly Disapprove -- a bad sign for Obama and his pro-abortion allies heading into the mid-term elections. Full story at

Report Shows Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Got $650 Million in Taxpayer Funds
Washington, DC ( -- A new Government Accountability Office report shows the Planned Parenthood abortion business reported spending over $650 million in federal funds over a seven year period. That averages to just under $100 million in federal funds each year and is something pro-life groups and lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to see ended.

The new 33-page report concerns how much federal money the Planned Parenthood Federation of America is receiving and from what sources -- with most of the funds coming from the Title X family planning program.

Combining the money received from the Health and Human Services department and USAID, the GAO report indicates Planned Parenthood received $657.1 million in federal funds.

The report also shows the pro-abortion group Population Council, which sponsored the dangerous abortion drug RU 486, received $284.3 million in federal funds as well for its international family planning efforts. And the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion group that does research on abortion statistics, received $12.7 million.

Advocates for Youth, another pro-abortion group, received $8.7 million from the federal government and the International Planned Parenthood Federation received $3.9 million.

Combined, the pro-abortion organizations received more than $1 billion in taxpayer dollars from the federal government over the 2002-2009 period GAO analyzed.

Although the money does not directly pay for abortions, which is stopped in most part by the Hyde amendment, the report makes it clear that federal funds are propping up the abortion industry.
Full story at

FDA to Hear From Women's Group Urging Opposition to Abortion Drug Ella
Washington, DC ( -- The head of a women's organization will be testifying at a Food and Drug Administration hearing on Thursday and telling federal officials the drug agency should not approve the abortion drug Ella. Known as ellaOne in Europe and by its name ulipristal, it operates like the popular abortion drug RU 486.

Despite its abortifacient properties, the Ella drug would be marketed in the United States as a new and improved version of the morning after pill.

If the FDA allows the drug to be sold over the counter, would be told that it would work like the Plan B morning after pill by merely preventing conception from occurring.

Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration
declared Ella safe and effective for women and released documents saying ella, made by French drugmaker HRA Pharma, appears to work with no unexpected side effects.

While the morning after pill can cause an abortion if conception has taken place and a new human being created, the Ella drug will undoubtedly cause an abortion of an unborn baby when used because it works days after conception has taken place.

Ella blocks the hormone progesterone, interfering with the lining of the uterus so an embryo cannot implant or, if implanted, will not survive. That's what Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, will testify at the hearing.

Wright informs she will tell FDA officials Ella operates in the same manner as the abortion drug RU-486 by blocking progesterone receptors. This interferes with the uterine lining, impacting embryos that have not yet implanted and those that have implanted, aborting a pregnancy.

"Women will take Ella thinking it's a morning-after pill, when in fact, it is an abortion pill," she says. Full story at

Pro-Life Groups Step Up Opposition to Disclose Act Limiting Free Speech
Washington, DC ( -- Top pro-life organizations are stepping up their efforts to oppose the DISCLOSE Act, a bill they say would place unfair limits on the free speech rights of pro-life groups and others when it comes to public legislative and election communications.

The House of Representatives may vote as soon as Thursday on the bill that the National Right to Life Committee says would place "sweeping new restrictions on the ability of" citizens groups to tell the public how their lawmakers voted.

In a letter yesterday to members of the House, NRLC reiterated its strong opposition to the bill, which it called "pernicious, unprincipled, and unconstitutional legislation."

The House Democratic leadership has agreed to add a narrow "carve out" that will effectively exempt the National Rifle Association from some of the key restrictions in the bill, in return for which the NRA has agreed that it "will not be involved in final consideration of the House bill."

But that has drawn objections from the pro-life group, which says, "With respect to the National Right to Life Committee, this amendment is not only worthless, but adds insult to injury" and calls the bill "a blatant political attack on the First Amendment rights of NRLC, our state affiliates, and our members and donors."

The big problem for pro-life groups is a provision that would make them identify donors publicly anytime it runs communications in certain times that ask people to contact Congress about legislation related to pro-life concerns.

"Our members and supporters have a right to support our public advocacy about important and controversial issues without having their identifying information posted on the Internet, exposing them to harassment or retribution by those who may disagree with their beliefs," NRLC says. Full story at

Governor Tim Pawlenty Starts PACs in Iowa, New Hampshire, Builds for 2012
Washington, DC ( -- Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is making more moves that set him up for a potential presidential bid for the GOP nomination against pro-abortion President Barack Obama. Pawlenty, who is pro-life, established state political action committees in Iowa and New Hampshire.

That gives him the ability to support candidates in the first primary and caucus states that are so important in determining the nominees for president.

Pawlenty registered state versions of his Freedom First PAC to assist candidates seeking office in the November mid-term elections, which are expected to be a boon for pro-life efforts nationally and in most states.

"These state PACs will allow Tim Pawlenty and his supporters to better help local candidates in the critical 2010 elections," said Alex Conant, a spokesman for the governor, according to a report in The Hill.

Conant added, "Both states trended towards the Democrats in recent years, but hold great opportunities for conservative candidates this fall."

Although the moves point to a potential bid, Conant told the publication they're not a surefire indicator. "As for what happens after the midterm elections, the Governor's said he'll decide what to do next in early 2011," he said. Full story at

National Right to Life Convention Against Abortion Heads to Pittsburgh Next Week
Washington, DC ( -- Thousands of pro-life advocates from across the country and around the world will gather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania next week for the annual National Right to Life convention. there, they'll learn about the latest developments in the pro-life battles over abortion, euthanasia and the upcoming 2010 elections.

This year s convention is hosted by National Right to Life's Pennsylvania affiliate, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and it marks the return to the city after a 2002 convention there.

"Every year we face new challenges as a movement. The convention gives the pro-life movement the chance to come together and learn how to face these challenges head-on,' NRLC convention director Jacki Ragan tells

Population Research Institute director Steven Mosher, disability rights activists Mark & LaRee Pickup, and author and FOX News Channel contributor Rev. Msgr. James Lisante are some of the top names at the convention.

At the same time, 2010 also marks the 25th annual National Teens for Life convention and American Idol contestant Maddy Curtis and acclaimed photojournalist Michael Clancy, who took the amazing picture of the fetal surgery of Samual Armas, will head up the teen version.

House Republican leader John Boehner will receive an award from the National Right to Life Committee at the convention. Full story at

Louisiana House Unanimously Sends Pro-Life Ultrasound Bill to Governor Jindal
Baton Rouge, LA ( -- The Louisiana state House unanimously approved an ultrasound bill today that will help women get a view of their unborn child before deciding to have an abortion. The state Senate has already passed the measure, which now heads to pro-life Governor Bobby Jindal and will be signed into law shortly.

The measure would give women something abortion centers don't normally provide: a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn child before the abortion.

When used in pregnancy centers, women considering an abortion who see the ultrasound change their mind about the abortion about 80 percent of the time.

The House voted 79-0 for Senate Bill 528 sponsored by pro-life Democratic Sen. Sharon Broome of Baton Rouge. "This is a bill that empowers women,'' Broome said in committee.

The measure originally required anyone seeking an abortion to listen to a detailed description of the ultrasound of the unborn baby and to receive a photograph of the ultrasound but those requirements were changed in the committee process to make them optional and giving women a chance to sign a document saying they were offered the chance to view the ultrasound. Full story at

Presumed Consent: Waiting Lists Pressure Organ Donation Before Patients Die
by Jennifer Lahl
Since organ donation became the recommended treatment of choice for many patients with end-stage organ failure, the controversy over the number of available organs for transplant and the solutions to addressing the shortage of much needed organs for those on waiting lists has been an on-going discussion.

Proposed solutions typically include payment for organs, denial of organs to some patients, or changing consent practices.

For example, should we open up the free markets and let people buy and sell organs? Sally Satel, a physician and resident scholar with the American Enterprise Institute and herself a recipient of a kidney transplant, said that she would have gladly paid for a kidney, if the laws had permitted it.

Dr. Satel has recently edited a volume,When Altruism Isn't Enough: The Case for Compensating Kidney Donors, where experts and scholars advocate for government incentives to those willing to donate a kidney.
Full story at

Iowa Governor Chet Culver Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Des Moines, IA ( -- Iowa Governor Chet Culver has a friend in abortion business Planned Parenthood and its political action committee endorsed him today. Planned Parenthood Voters of Iowa PAC endorsed Culver in his race against Republican candidate Terry Branstad.

"I am so pleased to receive the endorsement of Planned Parenthood," Culver said in response.

"I've worked very hard in my first term to maintain and improve family planning and women's rights in the state of Iowa and I am proud to have their support in this election," he said of the pro-abortion group.

Culver, also endorsed by Planned Parenthood in 2006, took the occasion to bash his opponent, saying he is wrongly campaigning in support of a bill that would allow women a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn baby before an abortion.

"Branstad even campaigned on enacting a law similar to the one passed in Oklahoma," he said. "Well, I believe that is wrong."

Culver's campaign may not gain many new supporters from among Iowa's socially conservative residents but a Rasmussen Reports poll shows it needs help. Full story at

Kansas Pro-Life Group: Supreme Court Delaying Planned Parenthood Charges
Topeka, KS ( -- The pro-life group Operation Rescue is tired of waiting on the Kansas Supreme Court to get moving on 107 charges Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri is facing. The charges allege the abortion business potentially engaged in illegal abortions and violated state record-keeping laws.

Former state attorney general Phill Kline, as the then Johnson County District Attorney, filed 107 charges, including 23 felonies, against the abortion business for allegedly violating state law.

The Kansas Supreme Court held a hearing in the case involving the Overland Park Planned Parenthood abortion center in may 2009.

The hearing covered disputed subpoenas filed by Kline and the high court will eventually determine whether subpoenas Kline issued for medical records from the Planned Parenthood facility can be enforced.

Operation Rescue, which is still waiting for the verdict, released a statewide radio commentary today playing on Christian radio stations on the Bott Radio Network that it says "exposes how the Kansas Supreme Court's delay in ruling on issues related to 107 criminal charges against Planned Parenthood is obstructing justice, shaking confidence in the judicial system, and enabling abortionists to continue to flout the law." Full story at

Wisconsin Pro-Life Group Concerned Telemed Abortions Coming There
Madison, WI ( -- The new telemed abortion process Planned Parenthood has started so far in Iowa and it has pro-life advocates up in arms because it puts women at risk by now allowing them a chance to visit with a physician before getting the dangerous drug. Now, there's concern the process may be coming to Wisconsin.

The abortion drug already presents significant concerns for women as at least 13 women worldwide, and potentially dozens more, have died from using the mifepristone abortion drug.

FDA figures reveal another 1,100, as of 2006, have been injured by it and have required hospitalization and blood transfusions because of the problems.

The FDA recommends the drug only be given after consulting with a physician. To save money by not bringing in an abortion practitioner to meet with women getting the abortion drug, Planned Parenthood is forcing women to "meet" with a physician only by videoconference.

Currently, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin dispenses birth control via teleconferencing. The abortion business uses the process at 10 locations, which Pro-Life Wisconsin says is because they are the organization s Title X clinics and receive funding from the federal government.

Tax dollars financed the setup of PPWI's teleconferencing system, the Milwaukee Business Journal recently reported. Full story at

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