Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Action: No Abortions on Military Bases

Dear John,
Earlier this month when Senator Burris' amendment to allow abortions on domestic and international military bases was added to the Defense Authorization bill in committee, I asked you to write to your Senators to vote against the bill when it came to a vote by the whole Senate. So far, over 21,000 messages have been sent to the Senate by SBA List activists, but the fight isn't over.
Pro-life leaders are fighting against the addition of the abortion provision in the bill. In a proactive, bi-partisan effort, two pro-life members of the House of Representatives, Todd Akin (R-MO) and Gene Taylor (D-MS) are sending a letter to Congressional leaders asking them to maintain current policy—and exclude the abortion provision in the Defense bill. John, contact your Representative immediately and ask them to support Reps. Akin and Taylor, and sign the pro-life letter!

Allowing elective abortions to be performed on domestic and international military bases would be a drastic change from current military policy. Our military hospitals are meant as places of healing—not destruction and death. What's more, our military doctors don't want to be involved in the killing of innocent unborn lives! When abortion was permitted for a short time during the Clinton administration, military doctors refused to participate. Tell your Representative that our military doctors want to heal, not end Life. Ask them to sign the bi-partisan, pro-life letter sponsored by Todd Akin and Gene Taylor.

The Senate will vote on the Department of Defense Authorization bill in the next few weeks—and it includes a provision to allow abortions on military bases home and abroad. John, we must act now in order to stop this. 

Ask your Member of Congress to sign on to Rep. Akin and Rep. Taylor's letter to Congressional leadership asking for the exclusion of abortion language from the Department of Defense Authorization bill. 

With you in this fight for Life,
Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

P.S.  This is an uphill battle, but if we can elect a pro-life majority, we can stop the radical abortion agenda of the Obama administration in its tracks. Contribute to the Susan B. Anthony List today and help us educate voters and work to elect pro-life leaders in November!