Friday, April 20, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Friday Apr 20 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

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Daily Kos: ‘The fetus is a parasite’ - John Jalsevac
Actress Vanessa Williams on the lesbian rape and abortion that changed her youth - Kathleen Gilbert
Dancing Sufis for abortion - Ben Johnson

Anti ‘gay bullying’ leader calls Christian students ‘pansies’ for walking out on anti-Bible tirade

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Apr 20 14:30 EST Homosexuality

Dan Savage is possibly the nation's most renowned anti-gay-bullying advocate - but his tolerance doesn't seem to extend to Christian students.

After saying Obama on ‘similar path’ as Hitler/Stalin, Illinois bishop hit with IRS complaint

Patrick B. Craine Fri Apr 20 14:05 EST Abortion

Americans United for Separation of Church and State claim the homily violated federal law by taking sides in a political campaign.

Troubled Virginia abortion clinic puts bleeding botched abortion patient in hospital

Operation Rescue staff Fri Apr 20 12:59 EST Abortion

The owner of the clinic previously had her medical license revoked after wrongly assuming a women was 8 weeks pregnant, when she was really 26 weeks.

Organization representing 1 million Pennsylvania Christians supports Catholics on HHS mandate

Ben Johnson Fri Apr 20 16:57 EST Contraception

“The Constitution of the United States guarantees every religious institution" the inalienable right to practice its own beliefs, "not just freedom of worship,” they say.

Ron Paul puts name to letter opposing HHS mandate

Ben Johnson Fri Apr 20 16:52 EST Abortion

Demanding free abortifacient coverage forces “religious institutions to choose between their convictions and livelihood,” he wrote.

Parental consent laws protect underage girls, so why are abortionists opposed?

Teresa Collett Fri Apr 20 17:31 EST Opinion

Abortion clinic operators in states without parental involvement laws routinely advertise in neighboring states where clinics must obtain parental consent.

The costs of contraception

Carson Holloway Fri Apr 20 16:40 EST Opinion

The negative side-effects of contraception are often ignored in our public discourse.

Brazilian doctors: disabled unborn babies will either be cut to pieces or torn apart with aspirator

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Apr 20 16:15 EST Abortion

Doctors in Brazil are raising awareness about how unborn babies will be killed in wake of the legalization of abortion in certain cases.

Brazilian Evangelical, Catholic congressmen seek impeachment of top pro-abortion judge

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Apr 20 13:49 EST Abortion

The judge lead his colleagues to vote last week for the legalization of abortions of babies suffering from anencephaly.

Urgent action needed today to ensure Alabama abortion mill closes as ordered

Operation Rescue staff Fri Apr 20 13:19 EST Opinion

The situation in Birmingham is urgent. If this dangerous clinic is allowed to continue operations, there can be no doubt that women will die along with their innocent babies.

‘Bike for the Unborn’: California youth gear up for 260-mile pro-life ride

Peter Baklinski Fri Apr 20 15:28 EST Culture of Life

“It’s going to be super fun. We’re not going to lie: it will be challenging and totally worth it,” the organizers declare.

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