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ALL Pro-Life Today Report 4/23/2012

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Adoption Option 
By Rich Newhouse     

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The following speech and witness was given by Rich Newhouse, president of American Life League of Arizona----an ALL Associate group----on Good Friday, 2012, in front of the Phoenix Planned Parenthood. Rich's speech was part of a rally which also included 40 Days for Life, a Rosary with Bishop Olmsted, and other pro-life speakers.
I have always found that I can see the hand of God and the grace He gives us when I look back in time over my life. Only God can see what lies ahead for us----and that is as it should be, for our lives are in His hands and our trust and devotion to Him are the only guideposts we need as we go forward.
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Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin suspended its use of nonsurgical abortions late last week because of concerns surrounding restrictions put into effect Friday by a recently signed law. In a statement from PPW, President and CEO Teri Huyck said the organization would discontinue the use of chemical, or nonsurgical, abortions even though the new law does not mandate the end of chemical abortions in the state. Still, Huyck said the decision was made to end the abortions because the new law creates additional requirements, which he called "burdensome" and criminal penalties for physicians providing medication abortion if they do not follow the new requirements set by the law.  

PP&HHS_homepagePlanned Parenthood media director accepts job in Obama administration
Christian Post
Planned Parenthood's former media director Tait Sye is now working for the Department of Health and Human Services as deputy assistant secretary for public affairs. Sye played a major role in speaking for the nation's largest abortion provider on a daily basis and most recently had to defend HHS's rule that required most employers, including some self-insured religious institutions, to provide free birth control.   

National Catholic Register

Human eggs apparently now be can produced in a lab dish from stem cells derived from adult women's ovaries. That is the promise of groundbreaking research by Harvard Medical School professor Jonathan Tilly. The finding raises possibilities such as a limitless supply of lab-grown human eggs for experimentation and fertilization from one woman, as well as some sort of embryonic stem cell-derived, anti-aging elixir. Tilly's research team at Massachusetts General Hospital's Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology published their findings ---- which turn a half century of embryology orthodoxy on its head ---- in the March issue of Nature Medicine. The dogma that women inherit a fixed "bank account" of irreplaceable eggs at birth that dwindles until it expires in menopause has apparently been rendered obsolete by the team's isolation of egg-producing stem cells from the ovarian tissue of adult women undergoing "sex-change" operations in Japan.