Friday, April 20, 2012

Groupon - National Boycott Announced: seeks to profit from exploitation and torture of women

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Groupon defends coupon to torture porn company

Today we are announcing a national boycott of Groupon, the popular coupon company, because twice this year it has offered discounts on tours of torture porn studio, Kink.

Kink, which sells the worst of porn videos and offers live online torture porn performances, advertises on its site that, “Girls are also pulled in and out of cages, their tongues clamped, their bodies pinned, and their arms and legs strapped.” The company also claims to employ “contraptions used in countries such as China for torture” as well as machines, water, metal, wood, electrodes, hooks, needles, and urination, all for the sexual persecution of women and “young teenage girls.”

Selling coupons to support the degradation of females is as low as a publicly-traded company can go. Groupon frames the tour as an historic one, even comparing the opportunity to visiting the Smithsonian Institute, because the building housing Kink has an “historic history in San Francisco.

Two days ago, Morality in Media asked you to write Groupon Executives urging the company stop supporting Kink. More than 10,000 emails have been sent! But Groupon responded by defending Kink, saying, “We thoroughly vet the businesses we feature…Fortunately, this business has proven to be a responsible member of their community.”

Groupon should be thinking of their wider commercial audience, most of which, unlike Groupon, would not support torture and humiliation of women and girls for the sexual enjoyment of disturbed men. But, since Groupon supports Kink and is happy to profit from the torture of women, we have called for a national boycott.

A special “Boycott Groupon Project” page has been set up here. SIGN THE PLEDGE AND SEND ANOTHER EMAIL TO THEIR EXECUTIVES. After you visit the page, please cancel all of your subscriptions to Groupon. Feel free to call and tell them why.

Please help us spread the word and encourage others to do the same!

Dawn Hawkins
Executive Director
Morality In Media
Porn Harms