Friday, April 27, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Friday Apr 27 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Nine lawsuits filed against Obama’s mandate: A brief rundown of the arguments - Fr. Frank Pavone
College pro-life group threatens legal action for desecration of cross display - Jill Stanek

VIDEO: HHS Secretary Sebelius squirms as pro-life lawmaker grills her on birth control mandate

Patrick B. Craine Fri Apr 27 16:22 EST Freedom

Sebelius admitted she had not reviewed the case law on religious liberty before issuing the mandate and was not familiar with key Supreme Court rulings on the issue.

IVF and the ‘right’ to be a parent: the child as an expensive lifestyle accessory

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Apr 27 15:16 EST Bioethics

Isn’t the whole point that we want people to have babies? Actually no. What we want is for the laws to treat babies like people.

Property destruction: the new ‘free speech’?

Ben Johnson Fri Apr 27 12:27 EST Opinion

Pro-abortion extremists believe they have the right to commit anti-Christian hate crimes under the First Amendment.

The Left exercising “free speech.”

Catholic diocese sued by teacher fired for IVF use

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Apr 27 19:31 EST Bioethics

The filing states that Herx "was not trained, informed or warned" about which fertility practices were contrary to Church law.

Obama admin says discrimination against transgender people is sexual discrimination

Christine Dhanagom Fri Apr 27 12:41 EST Freedom

“It’s really an extraordinary power grab,” Dale Schowengerdt, legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, told

‘Angry Queers’: Christians are ‘scum,’ deserve ‘hammers through their windows’

Ben Johnson Fri Apr 27 10:01 EST Homosexuality

Smashing windows was a “small act of vengeance” to “strike some fear into the hearts” of Christians, the group that vandalized Mars Hill Church claims.

Birth not a moment of ‘magical transformation’: MP slams anti-science views in rare abortion debate

Patrick B. Craine Fri Apr 27 12:16 EST Abortion

Saying babies only became human at birth "made sense when leeches and bloodletting were standard medical practices, but does it make medical sense in the 21st century?” Tory MP Stephen Woodworth asked Parliament.

Gambian President: We would ‘rather eat grass’ than accept homosexual behavior

Christine Dhanagom Fri Apr 27 19:54 EST Homosexuality

"If you want us to be ungodly for you to give us aid, take your aid away, we will survive,” said Jammeh.

Pro-life encompasses all life: accompanying my dad through Alzheimer’s

Pamela Muller Swartzberg Fri Apr 27 19:47 EST Opinion

Often, when we hear about Alzheimer’s disease, we hear of “the loss of dignity” or that our loved one “isn’t really there anymore.” I reject that characterization.

Concerns grow that UK will force religious groups to participate in ‘gay marriage’

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Apr 27 15:40 EST Faith

Secularist campaigners openly questioning the right of Christians to be involved in the debate over the issue.

The REAL ‘War Against Women’: forced abortion and gendercide in China

Reggie Littlejohn, Women Without Frontiers Fri Apr 27 13:47 EST Opinion

The real war against women has nothing to do with the morning-after pill or insurance coverage. This war transcends the debate between pro-life and pro-choice.

Chen Guangcheng has escaped house arrest, may be safe at embassy: reports

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Apr 27 09:18 EST Abortion

A Chinese human rights group reported Friday that Chen is "100% safe," and has possibly found refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

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