Monday, April 23, 2012

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Monday, April 23, 2012

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Notre Dame professors demand removal of bishop who blasted Obama’s HHS mandate

Patrick B. Craine Mon Apr 23 17:23 EST Abortion

Bishop Jenky had said that in his attacks on freedom of religion the president “seems intent on following a similar path” as Hitler and Stalin.

Denver priest ‘pulls out the big guns’ on Planned Parenthood: says Mass on the street outside clinic

Christine Dhanagom Mon Apr 23 14:57 EST Culture of Life

“Our fight is not against the world, it’s against principalities and darkness, it’s against evil, it is against the devil,” says Fr. Hearty.

Chuck Colson, evangelical giant against ‘culture of death,’ dies at 80

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 23 12:33 EST Faith

For many of the baby boomer generation Colson will primarily be remembered for his role in the Watergate scandal, but for Evangelicals he will be remembered for his conversion to Christianity and stalwart defense of the culture of life.

Pro-life state roundup: pro-life bills move forward in Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Iowa

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 23 18:23 EST Abortion

The steady stream of legislation strengthening protections for unborn children and draining funds from the abortion industry has continued in recent weeks.

Time Capsule: Mike Wallace tells truth about homosexuality in 1967 documentary

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Mon Apr 23 17:33 EST Homosexuality

CBS journalist exposed the stark truth about homosexuality, speaking openly of well-established facts that have since been consigned to the memory hole of political correctness.

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood halts medication abortions while bans march through states Mon Apr 23 16:25 EST Abortion

Barbara Lyons of Wisconsin Right to Life said that the law will “result in another decline in Wisconsin abortions which is great news for mothers and babies.”

Confidential tax documents of pro-marriage group released: NOM points finger at Obama admin.

Christine Dhanagom Mon Apr 23 15:42 EST Homosexuality

NOM President Brian Brown is crying foul, saying he has evidence that the confidential documents came straight from the IRS.

Troubled Virginia abortion clinic closed Saturday after botched abortion exposed Mon Apr 23 13:37 EST Abortion

“This temporary closure is a small, but important victory for pro-life supporters,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.

Boycott of Groupon called after it defends coupons for torture porn company

Patrick B. Craine Mon Apr 23 07:33 EST Family

The popular discount site has offered coupons twice this year for Kink, a San Francisco porn studio that specializes in "torture porn."

40 Days for Death? The dangerous ‘spirituality’ of Planned Parenthood

Karen Dudek Mon Apr 23 16:53 EST Opinion

Can Planned Parenthood’s prayers possibly be considered in accord with the Will of God?

Why ‘viability’ is a meaningless standard for human rights

Calvin Freiburger Mon Apr 23 16:43 EST Opinion

Like all magic, the viability standard is a mere trick, a rhetorical sleight-of-hand directing the audience’s attention away from the truly relevant facts.

Poles cry ‘censorship’ as country denies Catholic station broadcasting license: sparks huge protest

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Apr 23 16:05 EST Faith

A petition in support of the Catholic station has reportedly been signed by over 2 million Poles.

Chuck Colson, a Godly man

Brad Mattes, Executive Director, Life Issues Institute Mon Apr 23 15:54 EST Opinion

Chuck served the Lord with the passion of a redeemed soul who has dramatically experienced the gift of underserved grace.

Indian mother forced to abort 5 daughters

Peter Baklinski Mon Apr 23 14:22 EST Abortion

The mother has now risen from the ashes to become a champion for Indian wives and mothers who suffer abuse.

Catholic nurse wins after employer demands she work in abortion facility

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Apr 23 13:05 EST Abortion

The woman was being required to work in a “Termination of Pregnancy clinic” attached to the hospital.

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