Sunday, April 22, 2012

Troubled Virginia Abortion Clinic Closed Saturday After Botched Abortion Exposed


April 22, 2012   


Fairfax, Virginia - Just days after Operation Rescue released a video containing a disturbing call to 911 and filed complaints with the Health Department and Virginia Board of Physicians, local activists report that Nova Women's Healthcare was unexpectedly closed on Saturday.


"This temporary closure is a small, but important victory for pro-life supporters," said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. "We know from years of experience that when an abortion clinic closes - especially on one of their busiest days - many women never go back and the lives innocent babies are saved."


Nova came under scrutiny after pro-life activists filmed an ambulance and other emergency responders transporting a patient from the abortion clinic on March 3, 2012. Those activists then obtained the 911 recording through an open records request. That recording confirmed that the medical emergency was related to an abortion complication on a diabetic 35-year old woman who suffered uncontrolled bleeding after the procedure. That documentation was turned over to Operation Rescue, which filed complaints and released the recording.


The owner of Nova, Mi Yong Kim, surrendered her medical license in 2007 after botched abortions and one abortion-related patient death brought repeated Board disciplinary actions. Her New York medical license was revoked in 2000.


"Closing this dangerous abortion mill must be done in the interest of protecting women as well as their babies," said Sullenger. "Women certainly do not deserve to be subjected to Kim's below-standard, seedy operation, which documentation proves is a danger to the public."


That closure could come sooner, rather than later. Virginia recently passed clinic safety regulations that could force Kim out of business because her current office does not measure up to minimum standards. According to one news report published Saturday, April 21, 2012, Nova is considering moving or building a new facility in order to continue operations.


"With Kim's troubled background, it will be very difficult for Nova to relocate, and given Kim's shoddy practices in the past, it is doubtful if she will be able to build a new office that will comply with the law," said Sullenger. "Given Nova's dangerous practices, it would be a public service for it to close and never reopen. We will continue to work with the good people of Fairfax to see that Nova closes for good."

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