Saturday, October 31, 2015

LIVE ACTION PRO-LIFE NEWS: Mother shares photos of her baby boy at 19 weeks gestation

Mother shares photos of her baby boy at 19 weeks gestation

At 19 weeks gestation, baby Branson died as the result of a twisted umbilical cord. Branson's mother, Haleigh, shared photos of her son's hands on Facebook, because the thought of her son was weighing heavily on her.

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NEW VIDEO: Planned Parenthood abortionist discusses harvesting intact brains from preborn babies

A video released by The Center for Medical Progress features a full-length interview with Dr. Amna Dermish of Planned Parenthood Greater Texas, who notes how she can alter the abortion procedure in order to better harvest intact organs from aborted children.

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Abortion provider: Burning aborted babies to power homes is a ‘great idea’

In one of the most shocking confessions by abortion advocates to date, they share their enthusiasm for the burning of aborted babies into “energy” to power homes.

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Abortion facility stored 5 months worth of aborted babies in freezers

In a damning leaked video that appears to be footage obtained by The Center for Medical Progress, an abortion facility owner cavalierly admits to storing five months worth of aborted babies in freezers, as she debated over how to properly dispose of the remains.

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Abortionist in leaked tape aborted baby same age as her own preborn child

Leaked undercover video footage, received this week by and put online by a hacker, shows an undercover representative speaking with a Michigan Planned Parenthood abortionist about harvesting baby body parts for research.

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Funeral home horrified by abortion facility’s callous handling of fetal remains

In a discussion of Michigan’s abortion laws, it is revealed that abortion facilities in the Detroit area have been putting the bodies of aborted children through garbage disposals and then into the Detroit sewer system.

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China plans to relax one-child policy, but forced abortions continue

Chinese officials have announced that the country is relaxing its one-child policy to allow families to have up to two children, potentially reducing the number of abortions it will force its populace to undergo.

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Scandal-ridden Chicago abortion facility finally shuts down

Pro-Life Action League is declaring victory in its 27-year battle to close down the Chicago abortion facility, Albany Medical-Surgical Center.

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