Friday, October 2, 2015

Spirit & Life - Prayer Request from Fatima

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Hello from Fatima! Today is the opening of HLI's seventh World Prayer Congress for Life, held this year near the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. It is heartening to see some old friends and meet new ones among the delegates, and to see over a year's worth of planning from our good friends with HLI Helpers and their partners come together.

Portugal has had its share of economic troubles of late, and even approved in a public referendum a couple years ago the legalization of abortion in some cases. This was a terrible thing in a nation that, in the past, was so heavily identified with the Catholic Church. Even so close to one of the great destinations of Catholic pilgrims in the world, the site of the dramatic visions and predictions given to the three seers some 98 years ago, the Church has at times not shared the Gospel of Life widely enough to awaken the faithful.

Even in Fatima, the Gospel of Life must be preached without fear. Our World Prayer Congress for Life program is extensive, featuring many friends of HLI's and wonderful pro-life warriors from around Europe and countries beyond the continent. Portugal itself has a host of strong pro-lifers, many of whom have already offered a warm welcome to missionaries from around the world.

As always, I am grateful for your prayers for me and all of our pro-life missionaries. Please keep at the top of your prayer list, however, the fathers of the Synod on the Family, which is about to begin in Rome.

In our Truth and Charity Forum, and in other places, we have been trying to help everyone understand the stakes, which are very high. To all who are concerned about the many controversies leading up to the Synod, know that I share your concern. It has been interesting seeing so many public Catholics start to voice their concerns as well, following Pope Francis' call to bring into the open every side in the debate over how to provide care for those in broken and difficult circumstances.

To be sure, a great deal of confusion has surrounded this conversation since even before last year's Extraordinary Synod, as we have discussed several times. Know that many prayer warriors will be on vigil here in Fatima, in the Philippines, and in Eucharistic chapels around the world. Yet Our Lord is not among the confused or indifferent. He is not neutral in this debate, and as always, He calls us to prayer.

Your prayers have never been more needed than at this time to ask the Holy Spirit to take over the proceedings from those whose agenda is one of abandonment of timeless teachings for the sake of a false mercy that would do so much more harm than good.

Don't think you can do nothing -- you most certainly can act! Gather friends via social media, in person, however you can, to pray that Our Lord would not let this crucial meeting go astray. I promise you we here will be following things closely here in Fatima and taking our intentions to Our Lady and asking for her intercession.

Thank you for your prayers and for joining us in this fight for life and for family.
Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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Something quite providential happened on Sunday: My younger sister and I attended Mass in the chapel of a high school with 500 students. My sister had many years ago spent time with the order discerning religious life. Straight after Holy Mass, the students devotedly prayed the St Michael the Archangel Prayer. I was happy to find that this prayer had been introduced by a priest who had been one of our Seminarians for Life. He introduced this prayer two years ago when he came to the high school as chaplain.  - continue -
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The first time I met Father Laubach was in December 2002, when I began serving on the HLI Board of Directors. Father was a long time member of the Board and had just celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. During one of our conversations after the meeting, he opened his wallet and handed me one of the prayer cards that had been printed for his anniversary Mass and I still cherish that card!  - continue -
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