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LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report 5/26/10

LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report

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Obama Approval Rating Reaches New Low at 42% With Pro-Abortion Record
Elena Kagan's Pro-Abortion Position is Clear, Just as Obama Promised

Abortions Fall in Scotland, Fewer Irish Women Travel to England For Them
NARAL President Trashes Pro-Lifers Year After Abortionist George Tiller Death
Practitioner in Michigan Forced Abortion Case Admits Again He Lies to Women
Women Seeking Abortions Should be Able to See Ultrasound of Baby Beforehand
Pro-Life Women's Group Puts 215K Behind Fiorina in California Senate Race
Kenya Court Ruling Could Have Affect on Abortion, Vote on New Constitution
Rock for Life Takes Pro-Life Ministry in New Direction With Move to California
North Carolina Pro-Life Advocates Rally for Choose Life License Plates
Oklahoma Leg Overrides Another Henry Veto, on Abortion Reporting Bill

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Obama Approval Rating Reaches New Low at 42 Percent With Pro-Abortion Record
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- A new poll today from Rasmussen Reports showed there is more room for pro-abortion President Barack Obama's approval rating to drop. Its new daily presidential tracking poll finds Obama has reached a historic low with just 42 percent of likely voters saying they approve of his job performance.

Overall, 42% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the job Obama is doing in office. On the other hand, 56 percent now disapprove of his performance.

The Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll shows 24 percent strongly approve while a whopping 44 percent not only disapprove but strongly disapprove of Obama.

Conservative writer Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says the low numbers aren't related to Obama's poor handling of the Gulf oil spill.

"At least at the moment, the downward pressure on his numbers doesn't appear to be coming from his handling of the Gulf spill. Rasmussen shows an almost even split on approval for that issue, 34/33, although that could change abruptly if the media catches up to the story," he said.

The low numbers appear to come in relation to his handling of all issues. Full story at LifeNews.com

Elena Kagan's Pro-Abortion Position is Clear, Just as Obama Promised
by William Saunders
The "wait and see" attitude in some corners over Solicitor General Elena Kagan's true position on the expansion of abortion - which is what's at stake here - is a false one. True, Ms. Kagan doesn't have a judicial track record on abortion, but it's not hard to determine her views from the record she has accumulated.

First, there is Ms. Kagan's obvious friendship and support for the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history.

It's no secret that President Obama and his current nominee to the United States Supreme Court are longtime friends from their days at the University of Chicago. He is in a position to know whether Ms. Kagan supports continued and expanded abortion. Additionally, the president has made it known that his replacement for Justice John Paul Stevens will need to be another avid abortion supporter. Does anyone believe that he has changed his mind?

But that's only the beginning. Ms. Kagan chose to make a financial contribution to the National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF) and listed "membership" in NPWF in a questionnaire submitted in connection with her 1999 judicial nomination.

It takes no more than a visit to NPWF's website to understand its radical stance on abortion. The organization says its goal is "to increase women's access to ... reproductive health services and block attempts to limit reproductive rights ... and to give every woman access to ... abortion services. ..."

NPWF recognizes the importance of using the Supreme Court to advance its abortion-as-a-right agenda. Headlining its section on the judiciary, NPWF states, "Many of the rights you rely on would not be in place without the rulings the Supreme Court has made throughout history." Full story at LifeNews.com

Abortions Fall in Scotland, Fewer Irish Women Travel to England For Them
London, England (LifeNews.com) -- New government statistics provide good news for pro-life advocates in the UK and Ireland. They show abortions have fallen in Scotland after reaching an all-time high in 2008 and they reveal fewer women from Ireland are heading to England and Wales for abortions.

In 2008 the number of abortions in Scotland reached a high of 13,817, but that figure fell in 2009, according to new figures from the British government.

Public Health Minister Shona Robison told the BBC she is encouraged that abortion numbers fell across all age groups for the first time in six years.

Overall, across England and Wales, there were 189,100 abortions in 2009, down from 195,296 in 2008.

Among under-15s, there were 1,047 abortions (down from 1,097 in 2008), and 136 were done on girls under 14 and 911 done on 14-year-olds. Among all under-16s, there were 3,823 abortions (down from 4,113 in 2008) and 17,916 among under-18s (down from 19,387 in 2008).

By age group, 1,341 under-18s had had one previous abortion, as had 17,746 women aged 18 to 24. Among those aged 25 to 29, 12,392 had had one previous abortion, 3,268 had had two and 828 had had three. Seventy women had at least five previous abortions.

Abortions in Scotland numbered 11,870 in 2002, but had risen every year since then following the introduction and promotion of the morning after pill. Full story at LifeNews.com

NARAL President Trashes Pro-Lifers Year After Abortionist George Tiller Death
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Nearly one year following the death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller, NARAL president Nancy Keenan used the occasion to trash pro-life advocates. In a new opinion column in the Huffington Post, Keenan highlights women who loved Tiller and says pro-lifers exploited his death.

Keenan gushed over Tiller as if he were Mother Teresa, even though he killed unborn children in the latter parts of pregnancy, injured women and killed a mentally disabled teenager in a botched abortion.

"After his murder, many women and men came to our blog to express their appreciation for what Dr. Tiller had done for their sisters, wives, relatives, and friends," Keenan recalled. "Many of these women had found themselves in desperate and heart-breaking circumstances and turned to Dr. Tiller in their time of need."

One woman claimed the late-term abortion practitioner "helped our family through one of the darkest, most desperate and unthinkable moments we ever experienced" by doing an abortion later in pregnancy than is allowed in most every state.

But Keenan quickly turned to trashing pro-life advocates and accused pro-life groups of responsibility for Tiller's death because they oppose abortion and dare to speak up about it. Full story at LifeNews.com

Practitioner in Michigan Forced Abortion Case Admits Again He Lies to Women
Flint, MI (LifeNews.com) -- The Michigan-based abortion practitioner who is the subject of a civil lawsuit from a woman who says he forced her to have an abortion even after she said on the operating table she didn't want one is in the news again. Alberto Hodari is defending comments he made at a college lecture saying he lies to patients.

Caitlin Bruce, a 20-year-old woman, says Hodari and a staffer held her down and completed an abortion on her even though she changed her mind while on the table and voiced her objections.

Tom Pabst, the attorney for Bruce, has filed both a civil lawsuit and papers with the County Prosecutor David Leyton hoping for criminal charges.

Hodai was caught on videotape in November 2007 speaking to Medical Students for Choice at Wayne State University in Michigan even though he had killed two patients in failed abortions.

Hodari bragged about lying to patients and families and not washing hands between abortions.

"My wife says we doctors have a license to lie, and it is true. It s absolutely true. Sometimes you need to lie to patients about things they want to do or not much less now than in the past, because they're more educated between CNN and the Internet. The patients are more educated about what we do," he said then.

In a new interview with NBC 25 Hodari said he was referring to life-threatening situations and admitted again he would lie to patients.

Never tell a patient, especially a woman, you're going to die, he told NBC25. And in that respect, yes, we lie. Full story at LifeNews.com

Women Seeking Abortions Should be Able to See Ultrasound of Baby Beforehand
by Cathy Ruse
Last year, in the dead heat of the summer, I developed pneumonia. When my doctor suspected the cause of my fatigue and shortness of breath, he ordered an X-ray and in a short while we were examining the picture of my lungs.

This window to an erstwhile unseen world provided by modern medicine allowed my doctor to confirm his diagnosis and provided the information I needed to make decisions about my treatment.

A dozen states are considering laws that require abortion clinics to provide ultrasound images for women seeking abortion. Obstetric ultrasound is a safe and noninvasive procedure using high frequency sound waves to provide a picture of the moving fetus on a monitor screen.

A "transducer" is placed on the abdomen and moved to capture different views inside the uterus. The fetal heartbeat can be viewed as early as four weeks, and other fetal measurements can be made accurately from the images on the screen.

Opponents of these laws, like the editors at USA Today, say the ultrasound mandates "cross a line" and force "unnecessary medical procedures" on women. Yet the reality of abortion in America suggests this rhetoric is off the mark. Full story at LifeNews.com

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Pro-Life Women's Group Puts 215K Behind Carly Fiorina in California Senate Race
Sacramento, CA (LifeNews.com) -- The Susan B. Anthony List is investing $215,000 in an independent expenditure campaign highlighting what it considers "the strong pro-life stance" of California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina. She faces pro-abortion Tom Campbell and pro-life Chuck DeVore for the Republican primary.

The winner takes on pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Democrat who is the head of the pro-abortion forces in the Senate.

Leading up to the state primary election on June 8th, the SBA List will educate voters through an aggressive online advertising and e-mail campaign, targeted calls to 600,000 registered voters and direct fundraising from its membership.

Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser told LifeNews.com of the educational effort.

"Carly Fiorina is the perfect pro-woman, pro-life contrast to Barbara Boxer," she said. "The Susan B. Anthony List is dedicating significant resources in the final two weeks of the primary to educate California voters about Fiorina's strong pro-life position and ability to beat Boxer in November."

"California is burdened with two female Senators who claim to represent women by pushing their radical, pro-abortion agenda, yet polling clearly shows that more and more Americans are calling themselves pro-life,' the pro-life women's leader added. Full story at LifeNews.com

Kenya Court Ruling Could Have Affect on Abortion, Vote on New Constitution
Nairobi, Kenya (LifeNews.com) -- A ruling by the Kenya High Court on an unrelated issue could have an effect on the August 4 vote on a draft constitution that church leaders oppose because it essentially legalizes unlimited abortions. The court declared the inclusion of Kadhi courts in the current law unconstitutional.

That decision has prompted Kenyan Christian Church leaders and the National Council of Churches of Kenya to step up their campaign against the constitution over the pro-abortion provisions.

The KBC indicates the judges, sitting as a constitutional court, said the decision to include the Kadhi courts in the draft constitution elevated Islam over other religions. Their 114-page ruling held that the courts can't expand beyond the 10-mile strip where they were originally set up.

Bishop Gerry Kibarara responded to the ruling by calling for the Kenya parliament to go back into session to address the courts and the abortion issue with changes to the proposed constitution.

"We wish to state that the Christian church in Kenya has engaged in this process seeking justice for all Kenyans" Kibarara said, according tot he KBC. "It is still not too late for Kenyans to resolve the contentious issues in the draft constitution before the referendum." Full story at LifeNews.com

Rock for Life Takes Pro-Life Ministry in New Direction With Move to California
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The pro-life youth ministry Rock for Life has spent decades using the platform of Christian rock music to provide the pro-life perspective to the next generation of Americans. Separating from its supporting organization American Life League, RFL is moving out on its own and starting over in California.

The two groups ended their 11-year relationship last week as Erik Whittington, executive director of Rock For Life told LifeNews.com the group begins the next chapter of its life today.

We are excited about this next phase in our ministry, he said.

"There have been many changes throughout the years with Rock For Life but one thing stays constant: We will fight for the human rights of pre-born individuals through music, education and action," Whittington told LifeNews.com. "Our work will not, and has not ever been suspended. We have many things planned and look forward to announcing them throughout the summer. Full story at LifeNews.com

North Carolina Pro-Life Advocates Rally for Choose Life License Plates
Raleigh, NC (LifeNews.com) -- More than 100 pro-life advocates turned up for a rally in front of the state legislature in North Carolina to promote Choose Life license plates. The plates are designed to allow state residents to support adoption and crisis pregnancy programs to help women find better solutions than abortion.

The Carolina Care Pregnancy Care Fellowship, a collection of pro-life groups, is behind the plate.

Bobbie Meyer, the state director of the group, told LifeNews.com, "North Carolina is the only state in the southeast that refuses to let its citizens purchase the choose life license plate. For eight years the legislation for the choose life plate has been denied a vote even though more than 130 other plates have been approved."

"The choose life license plate has already raised over 12 million dollars in the states that allow them thereby helping mothers and their families," she added."Here in NC there are 85 pregnancy care centers who last year saw over 46,000 women and children."

The group of about 150 pro-life people criticized Democratic state legislators for blocking a bill that would allow approval of the plates.

Full story at LifeNews.com

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Oklahoma Legislature Overrides Another Henry Veto, on Abortion Reporting Bill
Oklahoma City, OK (LifeNews.com) -- The Oklahoma state legislature has voted to override a third veto from Governor Brad Henry of a pro-life bill to limit abortions. This time, the state House and Senate voted overwhelmingly for a bill that would provide for better abortion reporting so state officials can work on reducing abortions.

The Senate voted 33-15 today to override Henry's veto of the Statistical Abortion Reporting Act after the state House voted to do so on Monday 84-13.

Several pro-life Democrats went against their party's governor to join pro-life Republicans in voting to override Henry. House Bill 3284 goes into effect November 1.

Henry spokesman Paul Sund said the veto was "disappointing," adding "Every veto override just triggers more lawsuits and legal bills for taxpayers. Similar abortion laws passed by the Legislature were challenged and thrown out by the courts last year, and the latest versions are probably headed for the same fate."

Sen. Jim Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, was the lone Republican voting against the veto override and he cited false claims by abortion advocates that personal information would somehow make its way into state computers, even though it is all redacted. Full story at LifeNews.com

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