Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Truth on Pre-Existing Conditions

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President Obama has been campaigning around the country in support of his takeover of everything healthcare.  Unfortunately, some of the things he is saying, or I should say promising, just aren't true.

Let's take the claim about coverage for adults with pre-existing conditions. Are they covered this year like the President claims? Unfortunately, they are not and they won't be covered until 2014. 

Obamacare did create what are known as "high risk pools" where those with pre-existing conditions can get healthcare if they forgo health insurance for six months.  States were given the option to setup these high risk pools with $5 billion in funding from the federal government.  However, Rick Foster, the Chief Actuary of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, estimates that by 2011 and 2012, this initial funding will be exhausted, leaving states with costs they cannot afford to cover. As a result, eighteen states, including Florida, opted out of the program.

Obamacare has been law for only two months and we already know that it doesn't fulfill the promises that were made and spends more than what was estimated.  Still worse, if you have health insurance, Obamacare will make that insurance even more expensive.  If you're on Medicare, access to your physician will be jeopardized, hospitals will close their doors, and if you have Medicare Advantage, you won't be able to keep the coverage you have.

I voted against Obamacare and stand with you in calling for its immediate repeal.

Thank you, 

Ginny Brown-Waite  M.C.

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