Thursday, May 27, 2010

Truth Truck Text Message Helps Save A Baby From Abortion In Kansas City, KS

  • Written by Operation Rescue
  • Posted at 9:23 am

Kansas City, KS – A baby was saved from abortion on Saturday, May 22, 2010, outside an abortion clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, after a woman responded to a text message, saw the Truth Truck, and spoke with pro-lifers.

Operation Rescue's Truth Truck driver, Mark Gietzen, who also heads up the Kansas Coalition for Life, led a group from Wichita to pray and offer help to abortion-bound women outside the Aid For Women abortion mill, located in a run-down area near downtown Kansas City.

Gietzen reports that a woman, who had came out of the clinic to smoke, noticed the graphic images of aborted babies depicted on the side of the Truth Truck and sent a text message to her younger sister who was inside awaiting an abortion. The younger woman came out of the clinic to see the pictures for herself.

"This was a very tearful event on Saturday morning – fortunately mostly happy tears – happy, because in the end Precious finally realized that we were actually willing to help her in her difficult situation that drove her to schedule the abortion in the first place!" said Gietzen.

"We rejoice that this child will now have an opportunity to experience life and that Mom was spared the trauma of abortion," said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger.

"I have heard thousands of women express regret for their abortions, but in over 26 years of pro-life ministry, I have never heard even one woman tell me that she regretted having kept her baby. Operation Rescue is proud to have been a part in saving this baby's life and sparing the mother from a lifetime of remorse. We wish her all the best."

Bloggers buzzing about new admission and of one news station's fair coverage of accusations Hodari forced abortions

Flint, MI - An investigative news story aired by a Michigan news station has exposed abortionist Alberto Hodari for allegedly committing criminal acts related to a forced abortion and showed him admitting again that he lies to patients, "especially women," and explores his checkered past that includes abortion deaths.

A series of three video reports aired on NBC 25 in Michigan May 24-26, 2010, and have created a buzz on the Internet. Pro-life bloggers have posted the videos with comments pointing out Hodari's admission that he believes women must be lied to, and the fact that he is conveniently out of the country in Italy as he faces a civil suit and investigations by both law enforcement and Health Department officials.

The news report highlighted the story of Caitlin Bruce, who has filed a suit against Hodari having her held down while he forced an abortion on her after she had withdrawn her consent. She says that seeing an ultrasound image of her baby caused her to change her mind just before the abortion began. Operation Rescue filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Community Health over the incident.

Call Now To Stop Tax Dollars To Planned Parenthood in KS

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri is currently facing 107 criminal charges related to illegal late term abortion.  Last year, Operation Rescue released a recording made during an undercover sting showing that Planned Parenthood is not only reluctant to report cases of child rape, they are willing to hand birth control pills over to the rapist so he can continue to victimize minor girls.

Every year this Planned Parenthood organization received hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax funding even though they have been caught committing alleged crimes.

The Kansas Legislature has had enough.  It passed a bill that would redirect that tax money to legitimate health care providers like hospitals and medical clinics that do not commit abortions. In addition, they voted to restore grant money to Crisis Pregnancy Centers  -- money that Gov. Mark Parkinson took away from them last year.


Right now this legislation sits on the desk of Gov. Parkinson, a Sebelius appointee and rabid abortion supporter.  He has until tomorrow, May 28, to sign or veto this law.

Please call Gov. Parkinson now and ask him to sign the current budget amendments that include a redirection of funds to legitimate health care providers.

This is our last chance to make a difference. 

Please call the Governor's Office toll free at (877) 579-6757 or e-mail him by clicking here.