Friday, May 14, 2010

News from the Trenches: 22 babies saved at one location

Sacramento area pro-lifers stay busy rescuing the unborn outside abortion centers

Courtesy of Sacramento Pro-Life News 

Sometimes you might wonder if praying in front of abortion clinics is worth your time... here are some recent blessings we have experienced. Please join us! We need your help! 

Within the past week, two more lives have been saved from abortion at 2322 Butano (Choice Medical Group), bringing the total number (just those that we know of) to 22 babies saved at this one location! Praise God! By His grace, it is such a joy and privilege to serve! 

Catholics prayed the Rosary at 2322 Butano Drive on Thursday, May 13, at 10 a.m. in thanksgiving for the babies spared from abortion and in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. The first baby saved at Butano providentially also celebrated his first birthday on May 13! 

Recently, a mom, who chose life for her twin babies after talking with us at Butano, was featured at the St. Vincent de Paul dinner and now her baby boy and baby girl are darling 8 month olds. Her whole life has changed for the better. Praise God! 

This past Wednesday, we were praying at the 53rd/F Street abortion clinic (Pregnancy Consultation Center), when one of the regular delivery men told us, "They are closed today!" Wednesdays are usually when they abort the larger babies through 6 months of pregnancy, so we were so thankful the business was closed. Clinic staffers were not seen on Friday either. 

At the Wright Street Clinic (Women's Health Specialists), a young lady recently pulled up and said, "I just want to tell you that last year I came to this clinic for an abortion, but because you were here praying I could not do it. The baby's father was really pressuring me to do it so I came back again, but I still could not do it. Today I have a beautiful 1-year-old little girl. Thank you for being here and doing what you do." 

Your peaceful, prayerful presence is making a huge difference! Please join us at the sidewalk as we maintain a year-round compassionate presence at the abortion businesses in our area. 

Here are the details: 

53rd and F Street, Pregnancy Consultation abortion business. We pray here on Wednesday & Friday mornings 8 a.m. -11 a.m., when abortions are being done through 6 months of pregnancy. Contact Wynette at 
916-955-1577 if you can help. I am especially thankful to the Sac State Prolife Club for joining the ministry! 

Choice Medical abortion business at 2322 Butano Drive, where abortions are also done through 6 months of pregnancy at a cost of about $2,500 each. Christians are there praying Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, 8 a.m. to 12 noon, offering women information and assistance. 

Women's Health Specialist abortion business at Wright Street and Alta Arden. Christians are there praying on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Contact Mary at 916-254-4444 for more information. 

Planned Parenthood, 29th and B Street, downtown Sacramento. Planned Parenthood is the #1 abortion business in the world. Christians are praying here on Tuesday and Friday mornings, 8 a.m. to 12 noon. For more information, contact Charles at 916-396-7997. 

Roseville Planned Parenthood, 729 Sunrise Blvd., Roseville. For more information contact Jan at 916-749-6719. Abortions are done here on Thursday mornings. 

Woodland Planned Parenthood, 520 Cottonwood St., Woodland. Although surgical abortions are NOT done at this location, Christians are there praying and offering assistance to women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. This Planned Parenthood refers their abortion-minded patients to the Sacramento PP, so our purpose at Woodland is to provide information to parents while they are still deciding whether to abort their child. For more information, contact Emily at 530-668-4566.