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Pro-Abortion Democrats to Warn Americans About Pro-Life GOP Election Wins
Americans Expect Pro-Abortion Kagan Will be Confirmed for Supreme Court

George Tiller's Late-Term Abortions Could Have Been Stopped Peacefully
Pro-Life Group Running Second Set of Billboards Focusing on Blacks, Abortions
Practitioner Faces Revised Lawsuit For Forcing Michigan Woman to Have Abortion
Australia Abortion Practitioner Has Infected 40 Women With Hepatitis C Virus
Indiana Abortion Advocates Challenge Fort Wayne Measure for Women's Safety
Idaho Primary Election Sees Victories for Pro-Life Candidates Against Abortion
Montana Personhood Amendment Backers Trying Again for Abortion Ballot Vote
News: South Carolina, England, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Planned Parenthood

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Pro-Abortion Democrats to Warn Americans About Pro-Life GOP Election Wins
Washington, DC ( -- The pro-abortion leaders of the Democratic party, sensing pro-life advocates who head up the Republican Party in the House and Senate could find themselves in charge of the legislative agenda if Americans give them big election victories in November, are preparing for battle.

As they head home for the Memorial Day recess, Democrats in Congress are asking their rank and file to tell voters there will be disastrous consequences if they elect a GOP majority in November.

The Hill newspaper indicates Democratic leaders gave party members a Memorial Day packet filled with instructions on what to say.

Plan your public events, communications, and editorial board visits at home to highlight what Republican control of Congress would mean, and your hard work for the middle class on issues," the packet papers read. "Democrats have a strong story to tell, and we hope you'll highlight this contrast with Republicans back home.

For the pro-life movement, the only story House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid have told is one of promoting abortion.

They shepherded the pro-abortion health care bill through Congress and to President Barack Obama, who signed it into law and will force Americans to pay for abortions unless the measure is overturned by the courts. Already, several states have either signed bills to opt out of some abortion funding into law or have passed them through the state legislature. Full story at

Americans Expect Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Will be Confirmed for Supreme Court
Washington, DC ( -- The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows the percentage of Americans who say they believe pro-abortion nominee Elena Kagan will be confirmed by the Senate for the open Supreme Court spot has risen. The numbers are going up despite strong opposition to her nomination.

The Rasmussen survey found ratings for Kagan have fallen over the first three surveys since Obama announced her nomination.

Some 41% of U.S. voters now hold a favorable opinion of Kagan but 47% view her unfavorably. Just 36 percent now favor Kagan s confirmation, down from 36 percent in the last poll.

Yet, 87 percent of voters now say the pro-abortion nominee is at least somewhat likely to be confirmed, up four points from a week earlier and five points from the week she was nominated.

That figure is the same percentage as those who thought Obama's first nominee, pro-abortion Sonia Sotomayor, would be confirmed, and higher than the percents of voters who believed Bush's nominees Samuel Alito and John Roberts would be confirmed. Full story at

George Tiller's Late-Term Abortions Could Have Been Stopped Peacefully
Wichita, KS ( -- George Tiller, the late-term abortion practitioner, was shot and killed by militia activist Scott Roeder one year ago today. But one of the leading pro-life groups that monitored Tiller and tried to expose his shoddy abortion practices says Tiller was about ready to retire and his abortions could have ended without taking his life.

At a fundraising dinner held on May 26, 2010, Tiller friend and fellow late-term abortion practitioner, LeRoy Carhart of Nebraska, reportedly told people Tiller was set to retire.

"Dr. Carhart confided that Tiller was slated to begin his retirement not long before his death," a pro-abortion blogger wrote recently.

Operation Rescue officials told today that they said publicly, as early as February 2 of last year, that they believed Tiller may have been planning to retire rather than face the disgrace of being disciplined for illegal late-term abortions by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

The state agency had filed an 11-count petition against him that was pending at the time of his death and was reportedly close to revoking Tiller's medical license for cases in which Tiller is alleged to have fudged the age of the unborn child in some abortions to qualify them as legal late-term abortions under state law.

"Carhart confirms that we were correct in concluding that Tiller was ready to retire," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

"We had worked since 2002, through peaceful, legal avenues to expose the heinous nature of Tiller's late-term abortion business, bring him to justice, and close his abortion clinic," Newman said. "The fact that Tiller was preparing to quit proves that our efforts were successful." Full story at

Pro-Life Group Running Second Set of Billboards Focusing on Blacks, Abortions
Atlanta, GA ( -- A Georgia-based pro-life group is set to start the second campaign of billboards exposing how abortion targets the black community. The Radiance Foundation hoped to continue the exposure of the racist and eugenics background of abortion as promoted by Planned Parenthood.

Ryan Bomberger, the head of the organization, tells he also hopes to see strong emphasis placed on adoption and foster care.

The goal is to show how the racial politics of abortion "impede this beautiful solution" from saving black unborn children from abortion.

On the heels of massive national and international media coverage of their Endangered Species campaign, the Radiance Foundation is announcing its Black & Unwanted public awareness initiative.

This billboard and Internet campaign "continues to expose abortion s devastating impact on the African-American community while highlighting the need for more adoptions," Bomberger says.

In conjunction with Georgia Right to Life nearly 60 billboards with the Black & Unwanted theme will be featured across the state.

Bomberger has personal experience with the issues as he was, as a child, adopted into a multi-racial family of fifteen.

"Women and children (born and unborn) deserve much better from our society. Although adoption isn't the only solution to unintended pregnancies, it is a beautiful alternative to the destruction of abortion," he tells Full story at

Practitioner Faces Revised Lawsuit For Forcing Michigan Woman to Have Abortion
Flint, MI ( -- A Michigan abortion practitioner faces a revised civil lawsuit from a patient who says she was forced to have an abortion even after she changed her mind on the operating table immediately before the abortion was about to begin. Caitlin Bruce, 20, had the abortion at the Feminine Health Care Clinic run by Albert Hodari.

Bruce filed a lawsuit previously, but her attorney submitted new paperwork last week at the Genesee County Circuit Court, according to ConnectMidMichigan.

She said, He was inserting the speculum, and I told him I'm nervous. I just told him stop please. I'm really nervous and I don't want to do this anymore.

Hodari reportedly had a nurse hold Bruce down so he could finish the abortion of her child.

Hodari responded to the news service, saying When she said stop, it was too late I told her I would stop, but when I take my instrument there was blood and tissue on it from pregnancy, so I couldn't stop.

However, obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Mona Hardas told the Michigan news outlet that Hodari handled the situation poorly. She said Hodari could have taken Bruce to a local hospital for a second opinion rather than forcing her to have the abortion.

Even if someone has signed a consent form, if someone wants you to stop you have to stop. I am shocked. I can't believe this is still happening in this day and age," she said. Full story at

Australia Abortion Practitioner Has Infected 40 Women With Hepatitis C Virus
Melbourne, Australia ( -- An Australia abortion facility worker is facing more accusations that he infected dozens of women with hepatitis C during abortions. The heath chief of the Australian state of Victoria released the accusations against the abortion practitioner in April.

Since then, the number of potential victims has jumped form 12 to 44 as the outbreak at the Croydon Day Surgery abortion business appears worse than earlier reports as the probe continues.

The Herald Sun newspaper indicates the health department investigation into the abortion operation where James Latham Peters was the anesthesiologist will expand -- potentially to as many as 3,600 women who had abortions at his center since 2006.

The newspaper indicates the Victorian Police and the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria has revealed the patients' infections are an identical genetic match to his own hepatitis C strain in 22 of the confirmed 44 cases.

"It is difficult to know exactly what went on in that clinic, but we are diligently providing full support to Victoria Police, to the Medical Practitioners Board, but most importantly to those women," Health Minister Daniel Andrews said, according to the Herald. "This is not about system failure, this is about the appalling, totally inappropriate behavior of one particular person." Full story at

Indiana Abortion Advocates Challenge Fort Wayne Measure for Women's Safety
Fort Wayne, IN ( -- Abortion advocates say they want safe abortions, but they are challenging a new Fort Wayne, Indiana measure designed to keep women's health and safety in mind. In April, the county commissioners approved an ordinance cracking down on botched abortions that injure women.

Because so many women suffer from botched abortions that require immediate follow-up medical care, local officials approved what it said is a needed ordinance.

It requires any abortion practitioners coming to Fort Wayne from out of town to inform a local hospital because they would not have proper admitting privileges to admit women who are victimized by failed abortions and need immediate medical care.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, both pro-abortion legal groups, filed a lawsuit against the Patient Safety Ordinance.

Their suit alleges the act creates an undue burden on women seeking abortions, even though it only applies to out-of-state abortion practitioners. It requests that a judge block the ordinance before it is slated to take effect on Tuesday. Full story at

Idaho Primary Election Sees Victories for Pro-Life Candidates Against Abortion
by David Ripley
Boise, ID ( -- Idaho's primary election last week brought numerous blessings to the pro-Life movement.

There was plenty of concern that grassroots conservatives would not participate in the numbers we needed to overcome serious cross-over threats. In fact, as the election day drew closer - that threat increased as Mayor Dave Beiter issued a clarion call to Democrats to help elect his candidates to the Ada County Commission.

While Beiter's effort was partially successful - pro-life conservatives across Idaho participated in strong numbers to nominate one of the most conservative legislatures in memory.

Idaho Chooses Life lost a couple of our endorsed candidates, but those losses are mitigated by the fact that the victors are also pro-life. We want to thank Sens. Lee Heinrich and Mike Jorgenson for their consistent votes in defense of the innocent.

The clearest set-back came in Canyon County, where Steve Kren lost to newcomer Christy Perry. We don't know where she stands on the abortion issue. Rep. Kren offered strong opposition to the abortion lobby's agenda. Full story at

Montana Personhood Amendment Backers Trying Again for Abortion Ballot Vote
Helena, MT ( -- Supporters of a personhood amendment are trying a second time to get a measure to define unborn children as people starting at conception on the ballot in Montana. Should they obtain a November vote and Montana residents support it, the measure would challenge legal abortions and head for an immediate court battle.

Last year, the attorney general's office approved the ballot language for the amendment.

Constitutional Initiative 102 would define a human "person" under the scientifically accurate notion of the beginning of human life taking place at conception, or fertilization.

The measure, meant for the 2010 elections, is the second effort to get a personhood proposition on the ballot and it requires 48,000 signatures from state residents. The first measure, in 2008, failed to get enough to qualify.

Personhood USA co-founder Keith Mason told WorldNetDaily today that his group is working feverishly to collect the signatures but the effort faces strong opposition from Planned Parenthood.

He said the abortion business Planned Parenthood is calling every voter, "telling them this is going to hurt voters and not give women access to healthcare. They don't want us to win."

Mason told WND the group is mobilizing volunteers for the June 8 primary election to get signatures from voters heading to the polls.

However, some pro-life groups are not on board because they say the measure would be declared unconstitutional and that the focus should be on changing the Supreme Court so Roe v. Wade can be overturned. Full story at

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Pro-Life News: South Carolina, England, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Planned Parenthood

South Carolina Gubernatorial Candidates Oppose Abortion, Differ on Exceptions
Columbia, SC ( -- The candidates for governor in South Carolina all oppose abortion, but they differ on some of the exceptions on when they believe abortions are justified. The candidates are vying to replace pro-life but scandal-plagued Gov. Mark Sanford.

British Pro-Life Group Doesn't Want Sexual Education Plan Revived
London, England ( -- The new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has launched a new education bill, aimed at reforming the school system. One of the stated aims of the bill is to give individual schools more control over the curriculum.

Wisconsin Right to Life Endorses Sean Duffy for 7th District Congressional Race
Madison, WI ( -- The Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee last week announced its endorsement of Sean Duffy in the 7th Congressional District race.

Pro-Life Group Challenges Planned Parenthood's Free Speech Intrusion in DC
Washington, DC ( -- Planned Parenthood in the nation's capital has put up a fence around public property and threatened to arrest members of the pro-life community who attempt to pray and counsel on the public sidewalk and property.

Pittsburgh May Have to Pay Attorney Fees After Losing Abortion Buffer Zone Case
Pittsburgh, PA ( -- The city of Pittsburgh may have to pay attorneys fees after it lost a case regarding the buffer zone law that has been the subject of lawsuits by pro-life advocates. The debate revolves around a 2005 bubble zone law that restricted access to public areas surrounding abortion businesses.

Full story at

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