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LifeSiteNews Updates - Friday Mar 15 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Marco Rubio speaks for life and marriage at CPAC 2013

Kirsten AndersenFri Mar 15 14:04 ESTAbortion
He criticized those who “preach certainty about science with regards to our climate but ignore the absolute fact that science has proven that life begins at conception.”

Richard Dawkins tweets on abortion: ‘any fetus is less human than an adult pig’

Murray Vasser                                  Fri Mar 15 13:58 ESTOpinion
Of course, this is manifest nonsense. A human fetus is a human. A pig is not a human.

Pope Francis in 2005: Defend the right to life even if they ‘have you killed’

Patrick B. CraineFri Mar 15 10:28 ESTAbortion
Eric Scheidler appreciates that the pontiff "acknowledges that fighting for their right to life often involves tremendous sacrifice, from being lied about to being physically attacked.”

Pro-life activists at the UN heartened by the election of Pope Francis

Rai Rojas                                  Fri Mar 15 09:02 ESTAbortion
Nothing I’ve ever seen, heard, read, or reported on during my 19 years at Turtle Bay compares to this day.

CPAC organizers, speakers shy away from social issues on opening day

Kirsten AndersenFri Mar 15 20:27 ESTPolitics
Fmr. Congressman Allen West told that he did not believe that abortion and same-sex "marriage" caused Republican defeats in 2012.

Obama admin can’t enforce HHS mandate against Domino's Pizza founder: court

John JalsevacFri Mar 15 15:20 ESTAbortion
The judge said that violating Monaghan’s First Amendment Rights, “even if for a short time,” by enforcing the mandate, would constitute “irreparable injury.”

Planned Parenthood with history of botched abortion wants to teach medical students proper procedure

Operation Rescue staff                                  Fri Mar 15 14:41 ESTAbortion
The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that has experienced four botched abortion emergencies in less than five weeks is recruiting medical students for abortion training.

U.S. bishops: fast, abstain from meat today for intention of pro-life workers

John JalsevacFri Mar 15 11:21 ESTAbortion
The call to fasting and prayer is part of the USCCB’s response to the Catholic Church’s “Year of Faith,” which was called by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Baby Chloe, found in a dumpster, now the most sought-after child in Texas

Susanna Rose                                  Fri Mar 15 10:20 ESTCulture of Life
A baby who was wrapped in a plastic bag and abandoned in the trash shatters the myth that abortion is the best choice for an “unwanted child.”

Ex-wife claims abortionist threatened to kill her

Ben JohnsonFri Mar 15 10:10 ESTAbortion
In a document obtained by LifeSiteNews, she says the abortionist told her he could “understand how” a man could strangle and dismember his wife, “and he could see himself doing that to me.”
Reginald Sharpe and Shalece Daniels, from January 2013.

Toronto Star trashes Catholic priest for raising sexual immorality, misrepresents Archdiocese

John-Henry WestenFri Mar 15 14:51 ESTFaith
A story blasting a priest's examination of conscience form took a Catholic representative's words entirely out of context, he tells LifeSiteNews.

Bill Whatcott asking Supreme Court to reconsider hate speech ruling

Patrick B. CraineFri Mar 15 13:29 ESTFreedom
The controversial Christian activist says the Court misunderstood his pamphlets when they said he compared homosexuals to pedophiles.

University of Waterloo rebukes pro-abortion protesters for shutting down Canadian MP’s talk

Patrick B. CraineFri Mar 15 11:27 ESTAbortion
The university says it has launched an investigation and will work with the pro-life club to ensure Stephen Woodworth can speak again in a "safe and productive" environment.

Former Polish president Lech Walesa cleared of 'hate crime' allegations over gay comments

Thaddeus BaklinskiFri Mar 15 20:37 ESTHomosexuality
“I won’t apologize to anybody," said the former Solidarity leader. "All I wanted to say is that these minorities shouldn’t install their views on the majority.”
Lech Walesa, the former president of Poland, helped bring do

The GOP’s Loser Caucus endorses gay 'marriage'

Ben JohnsonFri Mar 15 13:04 ESTHomosexuality
The 130 people who called on the Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8 are anything but “prominent Republican leaders.”

10 must-read quotations from Pope Francis: portrait of a forceful thinker

The EditorsFri Mar 15 12:20 ESTFaith
Who is Jorge Bergoglio, the new Pope? What does he think about contemporary issues? Here are ten important quotations.

What the election of Pope Francis means to me as a pro-life Catholic

Kristen Walker Hatten                                  Fri Mar 15 10:18 ESTOpinion
Like most of the world, I don’t know that much about Pope Francis, the Holy Father formerly known as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina.

Pro-abortion men physically attack pro-life women – during a women's rights rally

John-Henry WestenFri Mar 15 09:43 ESTAbortion
During the demonstration in Warsaw, the women were holding a picture of a woman who died from a botched abortion, when the feminist men attacked.

How the French are fighting for marriage

David Azerrad                                  Fri Mar 15 08:24 ESTHomosexuality
The French have shown us how to craft a rhetorically powerful message that makes clear that the marriage debate is not about homosexuality but the needs and rights of children.

'Judas Party' Sinn Fein blocks N. Ireland pro-life amendment

Hilary WhiteFri Mar 15 08:24 ESTAbortion
Bernadette Smyth, head of Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life lobby Precious Life, said the move by Sinn Fein is “a corruption of the democratic process.”

Pope Francis: ‘When we do not profess Jesus Christ, we profess the worldliness of the devil’

Matthew Cullinan HoffmanFri Mar 15 08:23 ESTFaith
In the first sermon of his pontificate, Pope Francis warned his listeners that the Catholic Church cannot be merely "a charitable NGO" that ignores the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jerome Lejeune: physician of principle

Catherine Shenton                                  Fri Mar 15 16:22 ESTCulture of Life
"[A]s soon as he has been conceived, a man is a man,” said the famed pro-life geneticist Dr. Jerome Lejeune.

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