Thursday, March 14, 2013

LifeSiteNews Updates - Thursday Mar 14 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video: Praying grandmother attacked at Planned Parenthood while filming botched abortion incident

Operation Rescue staff                                  Thu Mar 14 12:56 ESTAbortion
The woman then took Rae’s phone inside the clinic and gave it to a Planned Parenthood worker.
The alleged attacker moments before striking.

Video: Pope Francis blesses unborn child during visit to Rome Basilica

John JalsevacThu Mar 14 09:55 ESTAbortion
One of Pope Francis' first acts as pope this morning was to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, where he greeted and blessed the unborn child of a woman who is five months pregnant.

Video: Pro-life activist asks facility, how could you hire an abortionist who killed a woman?

Ben JohnsonThu Mar 14 05:30 ESTAbortion
“It does not matter,” the abortion facility employee insisted.
Reginald Sharpe at Summit Medical Center.

Bishop says Catholic charities 'dangerously imperiled' by Colorado civil unions bill

John JalsevacThu Mar 14 14:23 ESTFaith
Archbishop Samuel Aquila said the legislation, which lacks conscience protections, endangers the ability of Catholic charities to be involved in adoption.

Broad, diverse defense of marriage at Supreme Court

Ryan T. Anderson                                  Thu Mar 14 14:22 ESTHomosexuality
Scholars have filed more than 50 amicus briefs with the Supreme Court urging it to uphold California’s Proposition 8, but the media seem obsessed with ignoring them.

'The Feminine Mystique' and the feminists' mistake

Collette Caprara                                  Thu Mar 14 14:09 ESTFamily
As Betty Friedan's feminist bestseller turns 50, it is clear a rise in single-mother households has repercussions for the health, happiness, and financial well-being of women -- and children.
Betty Friedan, author of

Idaho judge's decision endorses dangerous 'off-label' use of RU-486, abortifacients

Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D, NRL-ETF Director of Education & ResearchThu Mar 14 09:01 ESTAbortion
Judge Winmill’s opinion is not that of someone familiar with the real and serious risks associated with chemical abortions.

Kids need a mom and dad, says openly gay adoptive parent

Andrew T. Walker                                  Thu Mar 14 08:28 ESTFamily
"Children need to be free to generously receive from and express affection to parents of both genders," said Doug Mainwaring. "Genderless marriages deny this fullness."
Doug Mainwaring.

'When two of Gosnell’s staff members sought abortions, they knew better than to go to him'

Dave Andrusko                                  Thu Mar 14 08:01 ESTAbortion
All 12 jurors have been seated in the "house of horrors" murder trial.

Linda Gibbons released after nearly five months in jail

Tony Gosgnach                                  Thu Mar 14 17:07 ESTAbortion
Justice William R. Wolski had found her guilty two days earlier of disobeying a court order after her arrest outside the "Morgentaler Clinic" abortion site.

‘Open season on Christians now’: Biblical views on homosexuality proscribed in Whatcott ruling

Peter BaklinskiThu Mar 14 16:24 ESTFreedom
The Supreme Court made it clear in its ruling that Bill Whatcott’s use of the Bible to reach out to homosexuals was problematic.

Ottawa cop takes camera from pro-lifer filming arrest-threat, deletes all files

Peter BaklinskiThu Mar 14 16:09 ESTAbortion
“I find this to be police bullying,” he said. “He destroyed my personal property. It’s not right.”
A photo taken of Donald Bruneau after his camera was returne

Liberal Party leadership candidate Marc Garneau throws in the towel, predicting Trudeau triumph

Thaddeus BaklinskiThu Mar 14 15:28 ESTPolitics
“As far as I am concerned, it’s a fait accompli," Garneau said, opening the door to the left-wing Liberal.
Justin Trudeau is poised for victory, Garneau said.

Canadian Life and Family leaders enthusiastically welcome Pope Francis

Peter BaklinskiThu Mar 14 15:00 ESTAbortion
Gwen Landolt of REAL Women of Canada told he will remain “a solid voice leading us on and pro-family [values] that have kept society.”

Pro-abortion protesters shut down talk by Canadian MP at University of Waterloo

Patrick B. CraineThu Mar 14 10:38 ESTAbortion
Pro-life MP Stephen Woodworth was forced to cancel a talk Wednesday night as pro-abortion advocates shouted him down.

From a fellow Jesuit: why the Pope must be a martyr

John O’Brien S.J.                                  Thu Mar 14 15:55 ESTOpinion
The most important quality of the new Pope is and will always be his willingness to represent the humbled Christ.

Vatican official: Gay marriage a “revolutionary project” for “complete destruction of the family”

Hilary WhiteThu Mar 14 15:40 ESTFaith
Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, warned a British audience of an “extremely rapid" change in laws “that endanger the very survival of the family.”
Vatican Family Secretary Jean Laffitte does not see redefini

In Francis, the Catholic Church has a pope for 'life'

Carlos Beltramo and Steven W. MosherThu Mar 14 12:25 ESTAbortion
When Vice President Joe Biden goes to Rome to pay his respects to the Pope, he would be wise not to present himself for communion.

Volunteers came together to make powerful pro-life short film

Peter BaklinskiThu Mar 14 12:19 ESTCulture of Life
For 22-year-old Anna McShirley, starring in the film was an experience that opened her eyes to the challenges facing women with crisis pregnancies.

UN statistics invent a vast 'unmet need' for contraception

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D.                                  Thu Mar 14 11:59 ESTContraception
A new report from The Lancet claiming that millions worldwide are longing for birth control is based on wordplay, not need.

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