Friday, July 25, 2014

Heroic News: “Gay mafia targets Tony Dungy over 'homophobic' comments” plus 4 more

Tony Dungy, the head coach of the Indianapolis...
Tony Dungy, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts football team,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was not asked whether or not Michael Sam deserves an opportunity to play in the NFL. He absolutely does. I was not asked whether his sexual orientation should play a part in the evaluation process. It should not.
Mother, baby spared from brutal death meet Pope Francis
A Sudanese woman spared of a death sentence for refusing to renounce her Christian faith arrived in Rome with her family Thursday, where they met with Pope Francis a few hours after landing.
Is This Love? Surrogates, Same-Sex Couples, and Motherless Babies
“No one is entitled to a child. Even married couples are not entitled to children. They have no right to expect that they will be given the gift of a child. They pray for children, and remain open to them in their marriage, but there’s no entitlement. You don’t walk up to the Giver of Life and insist He give you what you want. You don’t demand a gift. It’s a gift.”
Parents Television Council
Parents Television Council (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Parents Television Council and Morality in Mediaare blasting the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, which was released Thursday morning.
Why don’t these women use birth control?
24 women answered, and every answer was different.