Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heroic News: “TV Shows Featuring Nudity Highlight Culture's Crisis of Truth” plus 5 more


A tawdry and titillating TV trend is under way. Seven—that's right, seven—shows are being rolled out on cable and satellite channels featuring one central theme: complete nudity.
Northwestern University will offer “gender-open restrooms” to its students this fall.
Little Sadie, 5, is grappling with the big questions at an early age. In this YouTube video, she heartbreakingly tells her family she doesn't want her little brother to grow up.
Liberal darling and free-birth-control advocate Sandra Fluke is her own biggest donor in her state Senate race, according to official California campaign finance reports.
I am not sure why so many “science” bloggers and writers want to opine on ethics. Perhaps having to be objective and purely evidence based gets boring.

A federal Appeals Court has struck down a Mississippi law that would have shuttered the state's only abortion clinic.