Monday, July 14, 2014

Heroic News: “Knights of Columbus Pledges $1.4 Million for Special Olympics World Games in L.A.”

The Knights of Columbus will formally announce a donation to cover the costs of athletes from the United States and Canada during their time in Los Angeles as they participate in next year's Special Olympics World Games.  
Chad Justice had a good thing going: a beautiful wife and a teaching job that he loved at a Catholic school seemed to complete his life. The idea of fatherhood seemed too much. So when his wife became pregnant with their first son, it scared him. She was thrilled; he was not. Why mess with a good thing?
To his support for abortion and same-sex-marriage, Bishop Tutu now adds euthanasia (suicide) on the list of things he supports that are totally contrary to the Word of God.”
A new study claims to show there is no link between autism and the Measles, Mumps and Rubella, or MMR, vaccine. That is not the view of another expert who has looked closely at the study.
Scott Bollig, 30, will stand trial on first-degree murder and aggravated battery, a judge decided on Friday. In February, police claim Bollig confessed to crushing an abortion pill and mixing it into pancakes, then feeding them to a woman who was 8-weeks-pregnant.
The Bishop of Portsmouth has asked every church in his diocese to hold a Holy Hour of prayer on the eve of the parliamentary debate on assisted suicide.
After a Canadian high school student filed a human rights complaint against her school district, saying that her rights as a nonbeliever were violated by being required to attend a course on sexual purity taught by a conservative Christian group.