Monday, July 14, 2014

They would leave unborn babies defenseless

Pro-Life Friends, 
Tomorrow, I am testifying before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee against S. 1696 – the most radical pro-abortion bill ever considered by Congress. 
I will be one of only two non-congressional witnesses allowed to testify against the bill.
Pro-abortion groups have been heavily promoting this bill which would invalidate nearly all existing state and federal limitations on abortion. The bill would also prohibit states from adopting new limitations on abortion in the future.
That’s why I think this bill should be called the “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.”
Congress should act to protect life, not wipe away protections for the unborn baby.
Do you agree? Then take a simple step to show you oppose this extremist piece of pro-abortion legislation.
And forward this message to your family and friends.
Most Americans support commonsense limitations on abortion such as:
  • laws providing reflection periods (waiting periods),
  • laws allowing medical professionals to opt out of providing abortions,
  • laws limiting the performance of abortions to licensed physicians,
  • bans on elective abortion after 20 weeks, when the baby can feel pain,
  • meaningful limits on abortion after viability,
  • and bans on the use of abortion as a method of sex selection.
The “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act” would wipe them all out!
Together, we can protect the innocent unborn children who Senate Democrats are heartlessly seeking to leave nearly defenseless against abortion without limits.

Carol Tobias
National Right to Life President