Friday, July 18, 2014

Whips and chains for 15-year-olds?!

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"We never discussed fetal development"

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Live Action’s latest undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood explores sex advice that the government-funded organization gives to kids.
The latest video in the series reveals more of the disturbing input Planned Parenthood counselors give to minors (which they receive tax dollars to do). The first video of the series can be found here. This advice includes encouragement to participate in dangerous and illegal activity behind parents’ backs. Read more...

Latest undercover video shows Planned Parenthood's oppression of women

To believe the media these days is to believe that Planned Parenthood is the oppressed rather than the oppressor that it is. While the abortion giant is making a Goliath about the birth-control issue, the truth about what’s really happening behind closed doors is that Planned Parenthood will stop at nothing to promote its sexual agenda, even oppressing minors and exposing them to pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse. Read more...
There's no right to sex in the Constitution After the Hobby Lobby ruling, liberals and abortion activists came crawling out of the woodwork to let everyone know about how this was ruining health care for women. Because in pro-abortion fantasyland, abortion and birth control equals women’s health care. That’s why they do things like compare birth control to treatment for leukemia. Ever eager to be on the front lines of the battle to claim the title of Foremost Abortion Extremist, Jessica Valenti is taking the argument in a different direction though. Read more...
Disappointment or deceit: Analyzing reactions to the Hobby Lobby decision
While it is understandable for those who disagree with the Court’s decision on extending religious freedom to companies like Hobby Lobby – which is what this case was always about – to express their disappointment, there is a distinction between disappointment and deceit. And, as even objective sources – such as The Washington Post – would point out, perhaps those in power are taking their reactions too far. Read more...
Ambulance takes patient away under covered sheets from Planned Parenthood abortion center
Images released by a pro-life group show Planned Parenthood employees holding a sheet to shield a victim of a botched abortion from public view. The victim was rushed to the emergency room around 10 a.m. July 10 following an injury at the abortion clinic. The incident was reported by Coalition for Life , a group that regularly advocates for the unborn outside Planned Parenthood in St Louis. Read more...

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