Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heroic News: “Moving In Together: What I Know Now” plus 9 more

Posted: 16 May 2013 11:12 AM PDT
People can do silly things when they’re in love. Especially in those heady early days, common sense can fall to the wayside, which is justified and reinforced in the stories of heedless abandon that fill our books and movies. Not all of these romantically reckless decisions, however, are created equal: while it is one thing to blow off an important networking event in order to spend a quixotic evening with a paramour, it is quite another to decide to move in with him.
Posted: 16 May 2013 07:32 AM PDT
Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley called the successful production of embryonic stem cells by cloning human embryos an “abuse” which ignores the dignity and value of the human person.
Posted: 16 May 2013 07:31 AM PDT
The Vermont legislature passed a bill allowing physicians to approve lethal drugs for terminally ill patients to kill themselves, a move the local Catholic diocese said will have major consequences.
Posted: 16 May 2013 07:30 AM PDT
IRS officials refused to grant tax exempt status to two pro-life organizations because of their position on the abortion issue, according to a non-profit law firm, which said that one group was pressured not to protest a pro-choice organization that endorsed President Obama during the last election.
Posted: 16 May 2013 05:49 AM PDT
Posted: 16 May 2013 04:09 AM PDT
Women in their forties will get free IVF treatment on the Scottish NHS for the first time from this summer, ministers have announced.
Posted: 16 May 2013 04:05 AM PDT
In the wake of admissions that the IRS targeted the Tea Party and other conservative applicants for aggressive, time-consuming investigations, the head of a recently-formed pro-life group is claiming that his charity was unfairly denied tax-exempt status because of its position on abortion.
Posted: 16 May 2013 04:02 AM PDT
Houston prosecutors announced today they have launched a criminal investigation of Douglas Karpen, the late-term abortionist who twisted newborn babies' heads off with his bare hands according to his former employees.
Posted: 16 May 2013 02:47 AM PDT
Scientists' assertion that the advance in therapeutic cloning announced on Wednesday could not and would not pave the way to cloning a baby did little to assuage critics of the research.
Posted: 16 May 2013 01:20 AM PDT
A coroner's inquest has heard a woman who starved herself to death had asked her daughter to help her die many times before.