Thursday, May 9, 2013

LifeSiteNews Updates - Thursday May 9 2013

Thursday, May 09, 2013

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Today's stories have generated so much interest that our servers were challenged to keep up with the high demand.

One good thing came from Amanda Berry's kidnapping, and her name is Jocelyn by Kristen Walker Hatten has been especially popular. It showed that good can come out of even the most horrific developments.

In Canada, the annual March for life has once again generated a steep increase in participation from the previous year. This bodes well for the future of pro-life in Canada. Participants report a level of enthusiasm and commitment so strong that it seemed at times there was electricity in the air. The EWTN live broadcasting of the event (including interviews with LSN's John-Henry Westen and Patrick Craine) gave huge new publicity to the March and its goals. It allowed millions to directly benefit from seeing and hearing the march events as they occurred and listen to the many speakers and interviewed leaders..

Today's LifeSiteNews blog posts:

BREAKING: Congressional committees launch nationwide probe of shoddy abortion clinics - Jill Stanek

Campaign Life Coalition's Alissa Golob gives Sun TV a dynamo March for Life interview - Steve Jalsevac

Why is the Gosnell jury taking so long? This photo will show you why - John Jalsevac

Today we gave names to Gosnell's abortion victims. Why was this important?

Fr. Frank Pavone Thu May 09 11:30 EST Politics

Now it's time, in our collective journey through this nightmare, to connect with these children more directly. It's time to name the children.

'This baby won't stop breathing!': Abortionist strangled baby born alive while nurses watched

Sarah Terzo Thu May 09 08:56 EST Abortion

An examination of the lungs indicated that the baby had been breathing for at least 30 minutes.

Cleveland kidnapper will face murder charges for forced abortions: prosecutor

Johanna Dasteel Thu May 09 17:25 EST Abortion

One of the victims, Michelle Knight, says Castro impregnated her five times, which ended each time in miscarriages resulting from Castro's starvation and beatings.

Minnesota House votes to allow same-sex 'marriage,' Senate will vote Monday

Kirsten Andersen Thu May 09 16:55 EST Homosexuality

If the bill is passed, Minnesota will be the 12th U.S. state to legalize same-sex "marriage," and the third this month.

Delaware becomes 11th state to approve same-sex 'marriage'

Kirsten Andersen Thu May 09 14:57 EST Homosexuality

The new law takes effect July 1. After that date, no new civil unions will be performed, only "marriages."

Gay activists show up with dirty hands to protest Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, are denied entry

Kirsten Andersen Thu May 09 13:54 EST Homosexuality

The activists were protesting a column by Cardinal Dolan comparing those coming to communion in a state of sin to children at dinner who fail to wash their hands.

False alarm: Gosnell jury evacuated after 'smell of smoke' in courthouse

John Jalsevac Thu May 09 10:49 EST Abortion

Reporter JD Mullane says that the jury has been removed from the courthouse, but that media have remained behind.

Gosnell jury asks to re-hear testimony of worker who killed baby 'swimming' in toilet

John Jalsevac Thu May 09 09:13 EST Abortion

The jury in the Gosnell trial today entered its eighth day of deliberations.

Pro-life MP decries gendercide inside House of Commons as 25,000 march outside

Peter Baklinski Thu May 09 19:39 EST Abortion

With Warawa's successful bid today for recognition to speak in the House, the whole of Parliament, both inside and outside, was permeated with the pro-life message.

'Everyone told us we should abort that child': for MPs, support for life is personal

Ben Johnson Thu May 09 16:48 EST Abortion

Kyle Seeback said his son, born with terminal genetic defects, is "a life that is worth living, no matter how short that life might be.'"

Teacher who posted graphic safe-sex pamphlets in 7/8 classroom had 'good intentions': school board

John Jalsevac Thu May 09 15:30 EST Homosexuality

"They were put up by the teacher in an attempt to speak more directly to youth on what is a sensitive topic," said TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird.

Record 25,000 pack Parliament Hill for Canadian March for Life

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 09 15:27 EST Abortion

Despite threats of thunderstorms, the weather was sunny and beautiful at the 16th National March for Life in another record-breaking year for the federal legislature's largest annual rally.

Irish bishops will not refuse Communion to pro-abortion Prime Minister Kenny: cardinal

Hilary White Thu May 09 19:47 EST Abortion

"There would be a great reluctance to politicize the Eucharist," said Cardinal Brady.

Lower age of consent to 13 to protect old men from 'persecution': top pro-abortion lawyer

Hilary White Thu May 09 19:14 EST Family

"I do not support the persecution of old men," Barbara Hewson wrote recently in Spiked online magazine.

Abortionists use hard case of 'Beatriz' to push legalized killing of unborn in El Salvador

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Thu May 09 19:12 EST Abortion

Amnesty International, International Planned Parenthood Federation, and a group of United Nations "experts," are joining other organizations to demand an abortion for an anonymous woman pseudonymously named "Beatriz"

Conservatives tell Cameron to abandon gay 'marriage' plan, focus on economy

Hilary White Thu May 09 16:42 EST Homosexuality

"The Prime Minister needs to listen to voters and start acting like a Conservative," said Conservative Grassroots in a statement.

Sneering at parents, hiding behind 'science' - the Emergency Contraception controversy

Albert Mohler Thu May 09 12:33 EST Opinion

Looking for evidence that our society is losing its mind? Just look at the controversy over so-called "emergency contraceptives."

One good thing came from Amanda Berry's kidnapping, and her name is Jocelyn

Kristen Walker Hatten Thu May 09 12:12 EST Opinion

Jocelyn was born of rape of the worst kind. And yet, her mother loves her. And now she has a chance at a good life. As long as there is life, there is hope.

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