Saturday, May 11, 2013

New In The Wall Street Journal: The Father Gordon MacRae Case

Editors Note: In a major development in the case of wrongly imprisoned priest, Father Gordon MacRae, the nations largest newspaper has once again taken up this story. Dorothy Rabinowitz, a pulitzer prize winning journalist on The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, published a riveting article on the Father MacRae case on May 10 entitled, “The Trials of Father MacRae.”
Dorothy Rabinowitz analyzed Father MacRae’s 1994 trial as well as the issues and newer evidence in the current appeal effort now underway. Her article also presents due process concerns for both the Church and the justice system.  Her interview video is a must watch!
This is an important story, not only for Father Gordon MacRae and the readers of These Stone Walls, but for all falsely accused priests. We invite These Stone Walls readers to
  1. Read The Wall Street Journal article 
  2. Watch the interview video.
  3. Leave a Comment over at WSJ (if you subscribe)
  4. Use the Social Media Buttons below and share a link to this article, video, and to this announcement with others who are concerned for justice in both the Church and the justice system.
Thank you for your prayers and support for Father MacRae!
The TSW Editors

Gordon MacRae outside the county courthouse in Keene, N.H., after his 1994 conviction.