Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Make the Movement, Mothers Make the World

Mothers Make the Movement, Mothers Make the World

Every year at this time, we are privileged to honor mothers, grandmothers, and everyone who helps make the world such a wonderful place in which to live.  Through their love and sacrifice, we were given the opportunity to grow, develop, reach our potential, and live lives full of meaning.  Probably everything we do that helps others was in some way imprinted in our minds by all the things our mothers did for us.

On this Mother’s Day, I don’t want us to forget that among the many, many things that mothers do for children and for the world is to be an active force in the pro-life movement.  So many mothers already busy with their families, their children and their communities, still find time to volunteer, to lead, to pray, to work for the pro-life movement.  It never ceases to amaze me!

I’m convinced it’s because they simply care about – and deeply love – children.  And the talents these women bring to the movement!  People skills, management ability, tirelessness, wisdom, judgment, serenity in the face of challenges – come to think of it, all the skills mothers find within themselves when raising children!

As we say each year, thank you to the moms who gave us life, who sacrificed so much every day to make our world a wonderful one.  But let me add this year a special thanks to all the amazing mothers who are building a pro-life world through their sacrifice for babies they’ll never see, for generations they’ll never know, but whose lives they are helping to save.   

Thanks, Moms, for this great movement; Thanks, Moms, for Life!

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