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Today's LifeSiteNews blog posts:

Kermit Gosnell will receive life in prison for murder; escapes death penalty

Ben Johnson Tue May 14 15:31 EST Abortion
Gosnell avoided the death penalty for three counts of first-degree murder. Additional sentencing will take place tomorrow.

BREAKING: Abortionist twisted heads off living babies, say nurses (Video)

Ben Johnson Tue May 14 13:58 EST Abortion
“On some occasions, we had women that were, the fetuses were falling into the toilet,” the woman said.

Abby Johnson: If Gosnell deserves death and hell, tell me, what do I deserve?

Abby Johnson Tue May 14 13:45 EST Opinion
I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can call Kermit Gosnell a former and REPENTANT abortion provider.

Catholic teachers’ union backs diocese in firing of homosexual teacher

Kirsten Andersen Tue May 14 19:45 EST Faith
Diocesan officials welcomed the decision in a statement, saying the union’s decision “acknowledges and affirms that all those who teach within the Catholic school system agree to abide by the rules."

Minnesota legislature approves same-sex ‘marriage;’ governor to sign bill

Kirsten Andersen Tue May 14 18:13 EST Homosexuality
When the law is signed, Minnesota will be the 12th U.S. state to legalize same-sex “marriage,” and the third in just ten days.

Florida middle school tries to disband gay-straight alliance

Johanna Dasteel Tue May 14 18:09 EST Homosexuality
The school has crafted a new policy permitting only clubs that promote critical thinking, business, and community service.

North Carolina abortion clinic shut down by state as ‘imminent danger’ to public health

Kirsten Andersen Tue May 14 17:30 EST Abortion
At least one woman at the clinic was forced to undergo surgery after a botched methotrexate abortion, according to the state report.

Court upholds Obama Admin denial of asylum for German homeschool family

John-Henry Westen Tue May 14 15:59 EST Faith
Today the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Obama Administration's denial of asylum granted to Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their six children.

New Toronto Catholic Board Trustee motion to overturn gay clubs enforcement

John-Henry Westen Tue May 14 14:26 EST Faith
A new Toronto District Catholic School Board motion up for vote on May 23, seeks to reject the Ontario Liberal Government’s enforcement of homosexual activist clubs in Catholic schools.

Abortionist Gosnell found guilty - just like every abortionist should be

Ann Scheidler Tue May 14 19:58 EST Opinion
We are pleased that Kermit Gosnell will pay the price for the crimes he committed. But how many other abortionists are getting away with the same thing day after day?

‘Give us Barabbas’: Boston College’s choice of pro-abortion Irish PM over Cardinal O’Malley

Rev. Michael P. Orsi Tue May 14 19:28 EST Opinion
On April 25th Boston College, a Jesuit University, announced that Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, who is aggressively promoting abortion legislation in Ireland, would be receiving an honorary Doctor of Law degree at their May 20th graduation exercises.

Puerto Rican archbishop resisting pressure from Vatican to quit: report

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Tue May 14 18:53 EST Faith
The bishop has reportedly been accused of protecting pedophile priests in his diocese, supporting of a type of civil union legislation that would give benefits to homosexual couples, and other indiscretions.

Court intervenes to save life of France’s ‘Terri Schiavo’

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Tue May 14 13:15 EST Euthanasia
France’s “Terri Schiavo” shall live.

Federal bill would penalize adoption agencies that prioritize heterosexual couples

Tony Perkins Tue May 14 11:46 EST Opinion
If it passes, the official policy of the U.S. government would be to penalize organizations who take the well-being of children into account in adoption placement.

All about babies: the Culture of Life

Eric Metaxas Tue May 14 11:03 EST Opinion
What is culture all about? What’s at its very core? Have I got an interesting answer for you.

I woke up this Mother’s Day morning to a cry for help

Kristen Walker Hatten Tue May 14 09:49 EST Opinion
Literally the first thing I read upon waking up, before I even got out of bed, was an e-mail from a stranger that made me forget my own troubles.

Lower the age of consent to 13? Why stop there?

Elise Hilton Tue May 14 08:26 EST Opinion
Barbara Hewson, a London barrister, has made the call for lowering the age of sexual consent in the United Kingdom from 16 to 13.
Barbara Hewson

Top Chinese filmmaker investigated for breaking one-child policy

Wendy Wright Tue May 14 08:20 EST Abortion
Zhang Yimou, who designed the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, reportedly have seven children with four women.