Thursday, May 16, 2013

LifeSiteNews - Thursday May 16 2013

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The corruptions of the Obama administration are finally starting to be revealed and it isn't pretty. The question we have is, "why has it taken so long?"
Now we know, from IRSgate, EPAgate and even the Benghazi affair, a little bit of how Obama managed to steal the last election. I strongly suggest that the revelations so far, as bad as they are, are very likely only the tip of the iceberg of Obama corruption.
Our series on Obama's radical Marxist associated get-out-the-vote head told us that that the Obama organization must have a modus operandi of any means is justified to achieve the end. That's radical Marxist strategy. It means that, as we said after the election, there must have been all kinds of dirty tactics used during the election that most of the public has no idea about.
For instance, I have grave suspicions that the collapse of the entire Romney campaign's get-out-the-vote computer system on the very day that it was absolutely needed - election day - was much more than a technical error. Way too convenient for you-know-who.
Steve Jalsevac

Florida man tricked pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion pill, police say

Ben Johnson Thu May 16 19:53 EST Abortion
Andrew Welden is charged with first-degree murder for marking a bottle of Cytotec as “Amoxicillin.”
Remee Jo Lee with Andrew Welden

Democrats ‘in decline’ under pro-abortion Obama: Bill Clinton’s former political strategist

Johanna Dasteel Thu May 16 18:51 EST Politics
“With Obama at the head, the Democratic Party is becoming associated with extreme left-wing politics,” American Life League executive director Paul Rondeau told LifeSiteNews.
Barack Obama with Cecile Richards, president of Planned Pare

Vermont to become third state to legalize physician-assisted suicide

Johanna Dasteel Thu May 16 18:07 EST Euthanasia
In time, doctors would draw up their own criteria for killing terminally ill patients, to “honor” medical profession, lawmakers say.
Gov. Peter Shumlin

Planned Parenthood to protest Virginia GOP convention as party nominates Ken Cuccinelli for governor

Kirsten Andersen Thu May 16 18:56 EST Abortion
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has said defeating Cuccinelli is a top priority for the group.
Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of Virginia and GOP guberna

North Dakota's last abortion facility sues to block new health, safety regulations

Kirsten Andersen Thu May 16 18:15 EST Abortion
The owner said she does not believe her abortionists will be able to get privileges at any of Fargo’s three hospitals, especially the Catholic one.
Tammi Kromenaker strikes a pose.

Nurse defied abortionist, began administering CPR to baby born alive

Sarah Terzo Thu May 16 15:49 EST Abortion
According to the autopsy, the child had a healthy head of hair and skin consistent with “a neonate” (newborn). The autopsy also determined that she was eight months old.

Pro-life congressmen introduce 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act'

Dave Andrusko Thu May 16 13:02 EST Abortion
"With the recent murder convictions of Dr. Gosnell, we’ve got to encourage Americans to ask—how different really is Gosnell’s House of Horrors from abortions that occur in clinics throughout the country?" said Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ.
Rep. Christopher Smith, R-NJ.

IRS-gate: The potential criminal implications

John G. Malcolm and Hans von Spakovsky Thu May 16 12:56 EST Politics
Four laws may have been broken in the harassment of pro-life, Christian, and conservative patriotic organizations.

Teen accused of trying to flush baby down the toilet released

John Jalsevac Thu May 16 12:49 EST Abortion
Judge Louis Farina granted Lafleur immediate release on condition that she surrender her passport and be subject to electronic monitoring.

Five abortion facilities have closed in Pittsburgh because of Gosnell-inspired law

Kirsten Andersen Thu May 16 11:48 EST Abortion
There are now only two abortion centers operating in the Pittsburgh area.

Detective: ‘I think there are still more babies in [Gosnell’s] basement’

John Jalsevac Thu May 16 10:48 EST Abortion
“I think there are still babies in the basement," said Philadelphia Police Crimes Scene Unit Detective John Taggart

Brazilians fight back as regulatory agency tries to impose homosexual ‘marriage’ on entire country

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Thu May 16 19:06 EST Homosexuality
But the only openly homosexual member of Congress told reporters this is what happens “when justice isn’t done by the Congress.”

Catholic elementary school has leading UK gay lobby group educate students on “homophobic bullying”

Hilary White Thu May 16 15:12 EST Faith
“We want to give our staff the tools to know what to do should an incident of homophobic bullying occur," said St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School headmaster Sarah Crouch.

UK govt backs down on forcing chaplains to conduct gay 'marriages'

Hilary White Thu May 16 15:06 EST Faith
Military and "hospital chaplains will be protected in exactly the same way as any other clergy and could not be forced to conduct marriages of same sex,” said Equalities Minister Maria Miller.
David Cameron is pressing forward with the bill despite its

As a Catholic student at Boston College, I oppose honoring Ireland’s pro-abortion prime minister

Molly Loesel Thu May 16 14:24 EST Abortion
Boston College, a Jesuit institution, has chosen to honor Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as its 2013 Commencement speaker.
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

Pope Francis to celebrate Pro-life Mass, Vatican to hold global pro-life conference

Austin Ruse Thu May 16 14:17 EST Abortion
On Sunday, June 16, Pope Francis will celebrate a Mass for Life in St. Peter’s Square.

Pay to play? Sebelius asks health care industry for 'donations' to prop up ObamaCare

Elise Hilton Thu May 16 12:16 EST Opinion
ObamaCare will give the government the ability to decide which health care plans will be allowed to participate - or to receive government funds and reimbursements.

‘Your baby will thank you’: Planned Parenthood’s most insane ad campaign yet

Kristi Burton Brown Thu May 16 10:16 EST Opinion
This ad proves that insanity can indeed reach new heights.

Evangelicals and Catholics report IRS harassment

Joe Carter Thu May 16 10:02 EST Faith
Franklin Graham and Dr. Anne Hendershott believe Obama's IRS tried to shut down dissent.

German homeschooling family should have pretended to be gay

Stefano Gennarini, J.D. Thu May 16 09:15 EST Faith
Had the Roemke family been a homosexual couple they would have probably qualified for asylum.