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Monday, May 20, 2013

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The report on Cardinal Dolan's shockingly weak response to New York Governor Cuomo's abortion law proposal and his many other serious violations of Catholic moral principles generated many comments. One has to wonder how far a Catholic politician has to go in doing evil before the good bishop finally does something appropriate to the gravity of these scandals. For now, all we can do is shake our heads in bewilderment and dismay and pray that God sends us great religious leaders that we so desperately need at this time.

“Big Sis” for president? EMILY’s List, Washington Post promote Janet Napolitano in 2016

Ben Johnson Mon May 20 19:47 EST Abortion
EMILY's List named the DHS Secretary a possible 2016 winner as part of its new "Madam President" campaign.

Pro-life activists protest Irish Prime Minister’s speech at Catholic college

Kirsten Andersen Mon May 20 14:39 EST Abortion
But the CEO of Massachusetts Planned Parenthood said the pro-abortion politician was an “appropriate commencement speaker.”
Enda Kenny

Fraudulent and deceptive: Late-term abortionist Riley’s Maryland Medical license permanently revoked

Operation Rescue staff Mon May 20 11:06 EST Abortion
The board upbraided Dr. Nicola Riley for failing to call for emergency help for at least 90 minutes after she pulled out a patient's bowel during a difficult abortion and for transporting her critically injured patient to a nearby hospital in the back seat of a rental car.

Illegal Immigrant raped preteen girl, forced her to have an abortion

Ben Johnson Mon May 20 17:41 EST Abortion
Luis Gonzalez-Jose was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison, and deportation upon release, after striking a plea bargain with Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Charles Snyder.

Maine’s death rate now higher than its birth rate

Ben Johnson Mon May 20 16:02 EST Population Control
“No county will escape the demographic challenge posed by the aging work force,” according to a new state report.

Man murdered 14-year-old girl, tried to set her on fire because she refused abortion, police say

Ben Johnson Mon May 20 12:30 EST Abortion
Medical examiners informed the 20-year-old Jamaican-born man that Shaniesha Forbes was not pregnant.
Shaneisha Forbes

Man kills girlfriend and unborn baby, pleads guilty to two counts of second-degree murder

Dave Andrusko Mon May 20 09:35 EST Abortion
Lee Martin Konnerth shot his pregnant girlfriend in the back, killing her and their unborn baby.
Lee Martin Konnerth.

Toronto Catholic school officials tried to block GSA ban, claimed it broke law

Patrick B. Craine Mon May 20 12:56 EST Faith
In a rare display of dissension, trustees decried the chair's move as a "gross misconduct of democracy" and voted the GSA motion back on the agenda.

1,700 converge on Quebec City to oppose gov’t plan to legalize euthanasia

Georges Buscemi Mon May 20 11:41 EST Euthanasia
The province's Parti québécois government has promised to table a bill legalizing the deadly practise before the province’s parliament adjourns for the summer.

Young Christians will be locked out of public professions by ‘gay marriage’, ministers warn

Hilary White Mon May 20 19:16 EST Faith
Should it be granted Royal Assent “in its present form,” the 17 Christian ministers said, the bill will “isolate hundreds of thousands of young students and workers across the country who hold a fuller view of marriage based on religion or a traditional view.”

Disabled baby so ill his parents bought a coffin has now passed first birthday

Susanna Rose Mon May 20 14:18 EST Culture of Life
Shelly Wall rebuffed advice to abort baby Noah, who was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Justice Department: Employees must affirm homosexuality

J. Matt Barber Mon May 20 12:59 EST Freedom
"DON’T judge or remain silent," a new Justice Department document states. “Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”

Can we support stem cell research?

Brian Clowes Mon May 20 10:41 EST Bioethics
Much of the confusion over stem cell research involves misunderstanding of terms.

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