Sunday, August 18, 2013

Food, and funds down to Zero for EMC LifeSavers! Help!

Desperate for Dollars and Food to Stay Open in NYC, and other key Cities to save Lives! HELP!
2013-Cleveland Sidewalk Counseling EMC FrontLine-NYC & Beyond to 12 US Cities

in action in Cleveland, OH.
P.O. Box 134
Bronx, New York 10470

2013-Miami Interns at Vigil
Four EMC youth pray in Miami at abortion mill Vigil. 

2013-SanAntonio Baby Supplies Prep
EMC's San Antonio volunteers
prepare baby layettes.

2013-Suzie at PP-DC
Savvy EMC intern in action at PP near White House in DC.

2013-Detroit intern hoists babeAn EMC Lifesaver in Detroit hoists a babe in her home.

2013-Interns at PP-Austin
EMC outreaching at Austin PP
rain or shine to save moms.

2013-Pilar in DC office w Client
Patiently beginning with new client in new NW office in DC.

2013-Miami Mills
Approaching client's car at Miami abortion mill w daring.

2013-Queens Show & Tell w Mom/Baby
Show & tell with Queens mom with fetal models works well.

2013-Texas RTL Battlein Austin
EMC team of 8 assist fighting for 20 week ban in Austin, TX.

2013-Queens Intern Counsels Clients
Personal counseling in NYC by EMC compassionate bi-lingual youth counselors.

2013-Detroit Interns w Stoves on Trailers
EMC interns assist in delivering new stoves to moms in Detroit's hoods.

2013-EMC Interns in Boise ID
These two EMC interns are
working hard in Boise, ID!

2013-Philly Sidewalk Work
Street counseling saves lives at Philadelphia abortion mills.

2013-Philly interns at Gosnell Baby Vigil
Fr. Frank Pavone, with 5 EMC interns at Vigil to release Dr. Gosnell babies in Philly.

2013-Queens Hispanic Street Outreach
NYC street work outreach at mills gets results.

Action at Baltimore's biggest mill, Planned Parenthood.

2013-Austin State House with EMC Life TeamWe provided 9 EMC volunteers to help pass the TX 20 week ban on abortion!

2013-MIAMI intern at Mill
EMC intern here in Miami pictured at one of many mills we covered this summer. 

  2013-Detroit Interns w Mom & Kids

A portion of EMC'S Summer Crew, pictured in a home in bankrupt Detroit, with a mom, on right, and her two babies, now need your help with food and funds in NYC.

EMC Life-Savers DESPERATE for Food, Travel, Rent and Cell Phone Funds, now!

Your nationwide team of 65 EMC FrontLine lifesavers, ESPECIALLY IN NYC, desperately need your funds now, for critically needed food, fuel, transportation and phones to keep saving moms and babies. (Some have left us already, and many are owed money.)


We have saved literally hundreds of babies this summer, in a dozen cities, (see photos, left) here in America's Abortion Capital and in new EMC offices, and at major abortion mills, but some of my life-saving interns are trapped without funds for food, cell phone, and return-home-travel money! This is bad news.

It would warm my heart tremendously, and bail them out from being stranded, if right now, you can make a critically needed gift to pay for food, rent money, cell phone payments, and gas money, bus, metro passes and a select number of air tickets. Please click on the Heart>

Please  Heart from the heart, via credit card, check or PayPal. Sponsor a whole summer for one intern for $1,200, or give $30 toward a weekly MetroCard, or anything in between!! 

Just click on the heart above, please, RIGHT NOW, to keep the life-savers going!

In the past 28 years, we have been privileged to save over 42,000 girls and women from abortion. 

This Greatest Summer of Life-Saving ever, your NYC based pioneering, baby- saving group, opened new operations in Washington, DC; Arlington, VA, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Austin and San Antonio, TX, and sent lifesavers to assist street counselors in Dayton, OH, and pregnancy centers in Los Angeles and Boise, ID.

2013-HLI Miami staff w EMC Interns  Our young pro-life workers with seasoned vets in Miami

Our 28 year old life-saving NYC outreach, extends across the City of New York, in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn and in our northern neighbor of Westchester County.

But this summer, your EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers have stretched mightily to train and deploy fresh troops in America's highest abortion rate cities and establish a beachhead in each city for long term work.

Your support again, right now, will enable us to provide terribly needed pro-ife counseling services to expectant moms, both, inside, of new strategically located pregnancy centers, and, outside, at key Planned Parenthoods, and other large and small abortion providers preying on vulnerable women in crisis. 

Numerous pro-life leaders have begged us to come to help them in their cities.

Thanks to many of my nationwide contacts, we have been able to find free beds for our staff in a dozen cities, but in more than half of our homes we must pay for all the food for staff, and expensive intrastate and local transportation almost everywhere.

Our specialty is to convert mothers, and fathers to Life inside dozens of our very wisely located pregnancy centers, and outside the worst abortion mills from New York to Miami, to Washington, DC, to Detroit, to Philly, to Austin, to Los Angeles.

This is not just a good idea. This is happening, and it is high time it was tried, and done well.

There are so many skeptics in our movement, friends.

But YOU and I have done it! But we must keep it going!

I am very proud of your stand with us, and prayers for us, and i am confident you will help us close out this amazing summer very well.

God Bless you for ALL you do for Life and true Love, to help moms and babies survive who would otherwise be abandoned.

    Slattery Headshot

Yours for Life, Chris Slattery 212-213-4690
National Director, EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers

PS You know the "kids", mostly 20 somethings, working for EMC in droves, for the moms and babies this summer, (pictured to my left) gave up 8 to 12 weeks to serve till it hurts, for just pennies a day. Can we not send them home with their bills paid, and help us pay our rents off to keep the life-saving going across the USA? It has truly been "The Greatest Summer of Life-Saving Ever" and with your help, right now, we can finish it very well.

Please Make a Life-Saving donation today by Credit Card or Check today! Donate here Please! Text me at 212-213-4690
2013-EMC Interns in LosAngeles
EMC interns on either side   We depend on you, and your prayers
of Astrid Bennett in LA.
      God can and will work many miracles of grace, if we respond!
About Us

EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers have been organized and directed by Chris Slattery, since 1984.  EMC works in counseling centers and medical offices in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and now in other cities including Miami, Detroit, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Washington, DC, and we are assisting with staff in other cities like LA, and Boise, ID .

2013-Intern Interviews w F. Cabrera  NYC City Councilman Fernando Cabrera interviews EMC Intern.

EMC operates with counseling, testing and referrals nationwide, and with onsite ultrasound in NYC, and in some cases with pre-natal care. Outside NYC, we are starting with testing, and counseling outside NYC, and will begin with ultrasound by referrals.

Please consider a sacrifical donation to our work at this critical time as our life-saving efforts expand nationwide.  

Please Make a Life-Saving donation today by Credit Card or Check today! Donate here Please! 212-213-4690